Finger Wars Review

Finger Wars Review

May 19, 2011

The whole of the human race is locked in a never ending struggle for power. Men and women alike clamour after supremacy, after the right to call themselves the greatest human being who has ever lived. In the old days, such titles were decided on the battlefield, the winner crowned by the amount of blood they had shed or lands they had conquered. Thankfully though, we’re a far less brutal sort nowadays, and we have apps like Finger Wars to decide who’s top of the shop.

Finger Wars is a game of speed and, well, that’s about it really. At the start of play, the screen is split evenly, pink and blue, and you and a human opponent have to tap your side as quickly as you possibly can. And that’s it. Perhaps Tapping Wars might have been a more apt name.

There’s no single player campaign, because that wouldn’t work. There’s no alternate modes or online multiplayer, because they wouldn’t work. Finger Wars is the same thing, over and over and over and over and over again, until someone gets bored, breaks a finger or pushes a digit through the touch screen on your phone.

In the end though, that doesn’t really matter. Finger Wars shouldn’t work, it shouldn’t be any fun, but it somehow manages to draw from within itself a bizarre, almost ethereal playability. As casual games are to mainstream, so called core titles – a distillation of contemporary and archetypal videogame tropes into a simplified, delicious liquor – so Finger Wars is a further refinement. This is a single, concentrated drop of bare bones, multiplayer gaming, and it just works.

Finger Wars may be as shallow as an empty paddling pool, but what it offers shouldn’t be considered in terms of content, but in terms of experience. It’s a party game, and with the right atmosphere and situation, it’s as much fun, albeit for a briefer period, as anything the world of console gaming has to offer.