The Adventures of Mosaika Review

The Adventures of Mosaika Review

Oct 29, 2013

The Adventures of Mosaika is a mystery thriller from Fire Maple Games.

The game combines elements of hidden object and logical puzzle solving into the gameplay. To get the most out of it, a lot of patient wandering with attention to detail is needed. There are plenty of items to be identified and collected to the inventory via taps, and some items or areas can be zoomed into visually.

As noted, getting out and about is key. The gameplay starts in a room, and the mystery solving gets underway with unique woodwork. The game area expands to outdoor areas and there is an interesting mix of nature, science and mystical facets. I like the random nature of the game, in that the clues are not linear in nature. You can go on and mos1on picking things up, solving puzzles, collecting more stuff and then going all the way back to visit places that have already been visited. The clues are not overly complicated; an empty notch here, an color-coded abacus there. A measure of memory it’s needed, because almost everything can be helpful, from a random log of wood to bird feed. Literally. The game progresses, a zig-zag pattern develops, and this isn’t bad in my book. New sections get discovered, and along with these, more clues. All together, some sequences stretch the imagination a tad, but it is a game after all. For moments when things get to complex, a magnifying glass helps with hints and solutions.

The game navigation is fairly straightforward; tapping the edge of the screen in the general direction of the next area moves play to the next screen. I think the mapping/scene selection mechanism could be more inuitive though; gestures would have helped a bit.

The visual aspect is vivid, with hand-etched artwork being the centerpiece. It’s always great when the environment becomes an enjoyable part of the game, and this is definitely possible here. The animations are sparse, but when they do make an appearance, they do feel alive.

It’s a simple game an a welcome addition to the genre.