Introducing Fishalot, a new game from Playfiber

Introducing Fishalot, a new game from Playfiber

Jul 30, 2017

Indie studio Playfiber has just launched a new game called Fishalot on Google Play.

If the title makes you think about fishing, then it’s probably done its job; indeed, this one is a casual fishing game, but one which looks to emphasize the, well, enjoyable aspects.

For example, no waiting forever on fish to bite. Fishalot employs a tapping system instead of “true” casting, such that reaction is a bit more important at the onset. There are different types of fish, and a host of XP to earn, which leads to RPG elements. To get better catch, you have to improve and build upon your base equipment.

Easy to understand and get into.

The independently created trailer (below) highlights a fun-looking affair, and if we go by looks, it definitely looks a bit much like a game we’d love to have a go at it.

Fishalot is free to download and try, and also has in-app purchases to expedite stuff if needed.


[Google Play link]
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Calling all anglers: Bass Fishing 3D II is here!

Calling all anglers: Bass Fishing 3D II is here!

Mar 23, 2017

If there were a developer that could claim the ownership of the title King of fishing games, Pascal Inc. would, at the very least, come pretty close. With several fishing-related games under its belt, it’s great that we gey yet another: Bass Fishing 3D II.

This one looks to a worthy successor to Bass Fishing 3D, boasting graphics evolved from the original.

Per the press release:

Main Features:
1) Thanks to the evolved 3D graphics, the field looks clearer so that one can enjoy feelings of real fishings.
2) Introduction of the underwater camera enables one to watch underwater by him or herself, never going wrong with the selection of lures to capture the targeted fish.
3) Totally renewed fighting-system:
One can handle the rod according to the movement of the bass. Reel in fish at the best time!
4) More varieties in game modes:
Tournaments: Compete against worldwide players and compare fishing results.
Missions: Challenge the missions in the 120 levels.
Free Fishing: Enjoy fishing in one’s favorite waters at his or her own pace.

This one is free (with optional in-app purchases).


[via Pascal Inc Press Release]

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Review

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Review

Feb 11, 2016

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch is an interesting-looking fishing sim from cross-platform powerhouse Concrete Software.

To start, the game is played in portrait; it packs in a lot of mature graphics that make use of well-blended colors. As with most fishing games, a lot of the visual output is defined by the virtual underwater experience, and in this one, the water scenes are well done, from the graceful movement of the inhabitants to the sustained murkiness all the way to the engulfing bubbles. It’s very creative, and melds looks with sound to effectively underscore the experience.rapala3

The fishing itself involves cool locations, and after selecting one, one can select a Solo Trip, Tournaments or peruse the Record books, like any serious angler would. Selecting “Solo” allows one to get to go through fishing challenges for a set period of time. Challenges include catching a number of species present, and this mode serves as an excellent beginners proving grounds.

After selecting a challenge, one is presented with a screen that has the equipment to be used, and it’s off to to the sport.

One casts by gesture swiping the lure into a hotspot, and as soon as the lure breaks the surface, the game view shifts to underwater, and one gets to shake the lure to get the fish to bite. As soon as one does, one needs to use the game mechanism to reel it in; said mechanism includes sliding the reel, knowing when to pull hard or relieve tension (using green/yellow/red imagery) and such. Success earns game currency.

The thing is, there are several different fish, and one needs to have the right equipment, and even use the right lure sequences to get the right one. As such, the game cash (and real cash, if one so desires) can be an important factor with regards to moving on.

Competition mode requires Facebook access.

The game works because the controls are fairly easy to understand and manipulate, with intuitive color-coding that denotes active occurrences that require attention. Also, the gameplay mechanism isn’t too complicated, and still manages to avoid being too illogical. It does require a tiny bit of skill with regards to being successful over time, but is simple enough to be enjoyed across generations.

Well worth the free look, in our opinion. Go ahead. Check it out.

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Arrives on Google Play

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Arrives on Google Play

Feb 4, 2016

There’s a new fishing game in town — Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch — courtesy of veteran mobile developer and distributor Concrete Software.

Get hooked with Rapala® Fishing – Daily Catch! Experience the thrill of catching a variety of freshwater fish while immersing yourself in beautiful 3D locations across North America. Fill your tackle box with authentic Rapala gear to lure in the big ones. Improve your skills by finding the right combination of tackle, retrieval motion, and lake locations to catch bigger fish each outing. Compete against your friends and other anglers from around the world in daily challenges and online tournaments. It’s not just real fishing it’s Rapala real.
• Realistic 3D freshwater fishing with dozens of real Rapala® Lures
• Simple and intuitive interface and controls
• Unlimited fishing! Fish all day without timers or energy to restrict your gameplay
• Compete in daily fishing tournaments against anglers from all over the world
• Return each day to sell your catch and collect your rewards
• Seamless above & below water gameplay
• Show off your best catches with the world with EveryPlay

We’ve always loved Concrete offerings, so we’ll be looking forward to check this out.

The app is free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Review

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Review

Apr 30, 2014

I must say, I am quite impressed. Although Ace Fishing: Wild Catch has a pretty standard gameplay value for a free-to-play simulator, it’s definitely noticeable that the developers have tried to make it as diverse as possible. Hell, actually talking about any kind of realism in a free-to-play simulator is a strange thing, and Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is rather realistic. For a game, of course.

The player travels between different exotic places and tries to catch all kinds of fish that live in there. The fish can then be sold, or Ace Fishing 3put in the tank to grow and be sold later. Rarer and heavier fish can be sold for more, but requires better equipment and a lot of luck to be caught, of course. The gold is spent on getting new and improved equipment, and get it you will. There is an endless amount of different baits, fishing lines, and other supports, some of which are expendable, and some of which require repairing. There’s so much to buy that it all feels pretty unfair – and it is, kinda, especially considering the energy bar that won’t let you play for longer than half an hour at a time, but the problem is – it’s fun. I mean, I played it for several hours in total, and I hate fishing.

The actual fishing process is relatively simple, but has enough depth to require some skills, along with good equipment. The player needs to tap at just the right moments to pull and tire the fish by bringing its endurance bar to zero, using a couple of techniques that take a surprising amount of time to master. This is the only real gameplay there is, so you can say that there’s really not that much of game in the game, but there is just enough of interaction. It’s also accompanied by the excitement of catching a rare or big fishy, so it didn’t feel like a repeatable waste of time to me – not more so than actual fishing, at least. By the way, I have an issue with the fact that there’s absolutely no time between throwing the line and the fish biting, so if you just want to relax and listen to the waves, this is the wrong game to do that.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch‘s biggest advantage, though, is how great it looks. Seriously, from the backgrounds to the fish animations to the lots of equipment to the chests, everything looks realistic, and is a pleasant departure from the sloppily thrown together beginner-level models. I probably like how great it looks even more than the rest of it, I guess – but it does look amazing, so if you’re a fishing enthusiast, but don’t have an option to experience the fish weight yourself, this is a bearable substitute.

Friday Free Game Rundown September 14th

Friday Free Game Rundown September 14th

Sep 14, 2012

Many activities out there not necessarily considered sports. Some of these activities are considered more hobbies than anything else. However, the people that participate in these activities get really, really into them. some of the activities are variations on other activities such as modified car racing instead of a more popular kind of racing like NASCAR. Other activities have more of a cult following like beer pong. As luck would have it, all of these have their own Android game.

Racing cars: modified car

Growing up around cars, it was pretty common to see a lot of modified classic cars. Many these cars have upgraded engines and transmissions. Modified cars come in all shapes and sizes, be it classic cars or European cars or Japanese models. Each of these styles have their own unique look, feel and modifications. These cars also cost a lot of money to customize. Not everybody has that kind of money, so they can piece together digital cars right on an Android phone for a lot less. Racing cars: modified car is a pretty simple jigsaw puzzle game where piecing together a cool looking car is the objective. There’s also a great gallery shown some really, really need modified vehicles.

Download Racing cars: modified car

Air Hockey

Air hockey is a really fun game. Trying to get the hang of the physics is the hardest part. When the maneuvers are mastered, wiping out any opponent will be a breeze. While multiplayer mode isn’t available on all devices, the computer-generated player is difficult as the levels go on. This game is just like the real thing minus all the sounds of the arcade or bowling alley.

Download Air Hockey

Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch

fishing is kind of like golf, it’s great when it’s being used to just relax or things are going really well. When they’re not, it’s a horrible, frustrating sport. Gone Fishing has a bunch of in game achievements, different lures, and rods to try out. Scenery is awesome just like what you expect if out a real lake.

DownloadGone Fishing: Trophy Catch

Beer Pong HD

Some people don’t think beer pong is a sport. Try going on a college campus or high school party and telling them that. Some people are actually quite good. Even though it’s a drinking game, it still takes a lot of skill especially when the alcohol starts kicking in. While beer is optional in this Android game, you can help keep the skills in tip top shape for the next party.

Download Beer Pong HD

Diesel Pulling Challenge

Truck pulls are actually a very, very involved sports. There a lot of things to take into consideration such as physics the ground conditions and sheer horsepower of the truck. Some people might think it’s more of a redneck sport but there is a lot of engineering involved. While playing the game upgrades are available to pull farther. Online play is also available.

Download Diesel Pulling Challenge