Fitocracy Review

Fitocracy Review

Jan 21, 2013

It’s a New Year. Resolutions abound. Fitocracy might just be the tool to help folks keep the ones related to healthier living.

It’s an app that uniquely melds excessive with a competitive process that “rewards” completion of tasks. In doing this, it looks to avoid being just another fitness application, and to potentially become a full-fledged life coach.

The app itself comes with a mature, clean look, with trademark purple hues making a starring appearance.

The app is made up of three main pieces, accessible via the left side pane: Feed, Track and Your Profile. The Feed maintained my interactions with other “Fitocrats” all around. I could talk, encourage and request feedback from Fitocrats.

The Track section was where the party was at. Here, my exercises and activities were tracked for points. Fitocracy has a nice system of points and leveling up that encouraged exercise and the completion of “Quests” that generated bonus points. With the Quest Explorer feature, I could pick from a host of challenges to improve my status. Color-coded to indicate difficulty, these ran the gamut; there was stuff for beginners all the way through Olympians. I could also add exercise activities. For example, adding push-ups to my list gave me the opportunity to list reps and such, and completion yielded points, as well as a chance to share said activity to social networks.

The in-app Profile had my information, and summaries of how many points I needed to level up, along with portals for updating my status and taking pictures.

I thought the developers did a good job of making the app usable and easy to understand. I found it easy to use one-handed, and the point system was a pretty fun incentive. The social aspect of the app was a great idea. Also, the app had an online companion, which was another advantage.