Five Games to Help Cure the Flappy Bird Blues

Five Games to Help Cure the Flappy Bird Blues

Feb 21, 2014

With Flappy Bird having flown away from Google Play, one might wonder: what’s next? What can help fill that flappy void? Well, developers from all over have released their own Flappy Bird games, some just trying to get a slice of the pie, while others are paying homage while trying new tricks. Here are five interesting versions from interesting developers.

Flappybalt: From Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt, control a bird that bounces between two walls. These walls each start to get spikes running up and down them, and ceiling is similarly spiky, so it’s generally a hazardous world for this avian bouncer. As the title implies, this shares an art style with Canabalt, so fans of the seminal endless runner may geek out a bit here.


Happy Poo Flap: It only makes sense that Retro Dreamer would bring back their character inspired by their Android frustrations in a Flappy Bird-inspired game. Their take adds in coins to collect and customizations to spend them on. There’s an “average score” line to cross while playing, which is an interesting little mechanic to have.

Happy Gull: From Godzi Lab, this game takes Poopy the Bird from Happy Street and makes this avian fellow fly between stacks of houses and animals. And occasionally poop on passers-by. Classy.

Jetpack Journey X>: Hero Siege creators PanicArts took Flappy Bird, and not only added in jetpacks, but also zombies and cops walking along the floor to be more hazardous, because why not? It’s possible to pay to remove ads as well.

Movey Pipes: OMGWTFGAMES’ take on Flappy Bird? Control the pipes instead of the bird. Still not easy, especially when the bird seems to fly around like it’s not sure of just what is going on.


Bonus Non-Android Games Worth Checking Out: Maverick Bird from Terry Cavanagh is basically what happens when Super Heaxagon meets Flappy Bird, and it is astounding(ly difficult). Not on mobile, but playable in Flash. FLAPTHULHU from Madgarden (of Punch Quest fame) features the Deep One himself flapping his way through a landscape full of Eldritch abominations like eyeballs and tentacles. The game’s on iOS and PC only at the moment. My high score is 107. Good luck.