FlapThulhu: Flappy Madness Review

FlapThulhu: Flappy Madness Review

May 30, 2014

When it comes to Flappy Bird clones, one could say that we have seen it all. But wait, there is more. Yes, how impossible it may be, there is one more flappy game that could be worth our time. And yes, it is even fun to play.


It is the one thing I could never see coming after the Flappy Bird clones craze and rage. A flappy game starring a head-with-wings-form of the fictive monstrosity Cthulhu, or Tulu for friends, flapping away in the deep underworld and sunken city R’lyeh. Really – what kind of drugs did the conceptualizer do before mixing those two together? But hey, somehow it worked out for them. FlapThulhu: Flappy Madness is just what the title implies: flappy madness all over the place. At its core, it’s precisely the same mechanic we all know (and love?) thanks to Flappy Bird. But this flappy clone offers just a bit more than the usual clone.

The controls are a bit preciser then its original. Flappy Bird is known for its unfair difficulty, thanks to banal coding, and players would die constanly without even touching that awfully out-of-the-Super-Mario-World-green looking pipe. But that was the charme of that game and what made it so populair – it was crowned the Dark Souls of the casual games. But when I see the overall theme of FlapThulhu and think of the better sense of control, I would like to relocate that title form Flappy Bird to FlapThulhu. It suits much better, because, just like in Dark Souls, when players die, it is their own fault. Also: there is the underworld full of undead things, so yeah.

Unlike Flappy Bird, FlapThulhu presents another unlockable mode where the flying Cthulhu head must take on waves of bird-like underworld creatures that closely resemble the original Flappy Bird. The controls are excatly the same, only now, players don’t have to fly between rocks, but they have to knock out those flying pests by dropping on top of them. It is very challenging and fun to do. The theme of the game is also very thought through and has some nice effects going on here and there. The animations idem ditto. There is one thing however that struck me as odd: now and then, the game doesn’t load up the music and sound effects files – why this happens, I don’t know.

FlapThulhu is one heck of a surprise. Its overall theme is nice and thanks to its controls, this flappy game is much better than the original. It also has a new mode and even an unlockable character that plays very differently from the Cthulhu head. It’s defintly something to try out if players are searching for something more fun, with the same amount of flaps.

What Hath We Wrought? Madgarden and Noodlecake Games Bring Flapthulhu and HodappyBird to Android

What Hath We Wrought? Madgarden and Noodlecake Games Bring Flapthulhu and HodappyBird to Android

May 13, 2014

Noodlecake Games has brought two of Madgarden’s Flappy-Bird-inspired games to Android, one featuring a horrible abomination that should not have been unleashed upon this world, and the other featuring Cthulhu.

Flapthulhu is a slow-burn of a flaplike, featuring the most famous Deep One himself, Cthulhu, flapping his way through creepy crawlies to get high scores. HodappyBird features the disembodied head of Touch Arcade’s Eli Hodapp flapping through Chicago’s Pipe District. Both games feature multiple modes and basic-yet-stylish production values for a flaplike game, but only HodappyBird has (fake) bitcoins and satirical pay-to-win mechanics with said bitcoins.

Both games are available now for free on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.