Shaun the Sheep: Fleece Lightning Review

Shaun the Sheep: Fleece Lightning Review

May 30, 2013

There’s no shame in admitting that you enjoy certain things that aren’t necessarily aimed at yourself. I, as a ‘grown-up’, have been known to enjoy the odd cartoon here or there. No shame in that, especially when one of the animated shows I speak of is Shaun the Sheep. The lovable lamb has his own TV show after becoming a cult favourite thanks to his appearances in the Wallace & Gromit series of animated shorts.

What happens when a character gets popular? They get their own game as well, and Shaun the Sheep is no different. Here we have Shaun the Sheep: Fleece Lightning, a game, like the show, which is aimed at a younger audience. Unlike the show, this age gap is harder to ignore. The problem being that although the show is simple, it gets by on its gorgeous animation and charming characters. This game has neither. It’s just too simple for adults to really enjoy.

Shaun1As the name may imply, Fleece Lightning is based on racing the titular Shaun from one end of the farm to the other. This is boiled down to tilting your device of choice left or right to avoid farm-based obstacles, whilst the game controls Shaun’s acceleration.

A good job’s been done on the presentation, with characters and locations maintaining their trademark Aardman style, though very little is animated. A few frames at the end of a race show Shaun jumping for joy when he wins, though the rest of the game is fairly static.

Another positive is the variation between races. Boost pads, mud that slows you down, ramps and bouncy trampolines litter the courses making each dash as interesting as the game’s simple premise can be.

It boils down to the fact that the game’s simplicity is both its biggest strength and weakness. As an adult that’s played plenty of games and demands more of a challenge, this is too flimsy a product to recommend. However, if you’ve got a person of a younger age that could quite happily compete in race after race as a speedy sheep, then you could do much worse.