Bubble Box Review

Bubble Box Review

Jul 24, 2013

I like simple games.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind difficult pieces, as playing those give me an all too short feeling of superiority. Still, simple games that are basic in presentation yet challenging are probably my favorite type. Bubble Box firmly fits into this category.

The game is a unique type of pick three game, involving balls of different colors that are generally grouped somewhat symmetrically around the playing area. In the very middle of the playing area is a hole that continually (and randomly) spits out a colored ball that matches one of the colors of the balls in the playing area. Using a finger to drag and “fling” or throw the ball, I have to try to make a set of three; doing so cause the set of three to pop and bubble1disappear, kind of how it works in Bejeweled.

The balls stick to balls of different colors (or, if it sticks to another ball of the same color that is itself stuck to a ball of another color). To make the game even more challenging, around the center hole is a dead area circumference; if a ball touches that area, the entire game is over.

Accuracy in flinging is definitely a plus; missing a ball to stick to means the ball will rebound off the walls until/unless it makes contact with a live ball. This can be bad, because there is a countdown clock that encourages speed. You keep getting balls to fling until you clear all the balls. Bank shots can be very useful (just like in pool or billiards) to dump spheres, and I also liked the star countdown that goes with the main countdown timer.

The graphics enhance the game. Obviously, good use of color is needed, and it is mostly received. As the game progresses, there are more subtle uses, like shading the play area so that extra attention has to be paid to colors of the ball. The animations are smooth and seem quite realistic. The board art did get very intricate.

This one of those games that was good enough for me to ignore the dopey mice that make up the backstory. Well done.

Burn the City Review

Burn the City Review

Oct 25, 2011

If you look at ask earlier review for Early Bird I mentioned the flood of Angry Bird clones. Burn This City could be labeled as one of those clones, and in some instances they are, but overall this app deserves to stand on its own. Coming from a small developer, this app is creative and the core gameplay is very solid but sometimes becomes too repetitive. Like most other games if its kind Burn the City’s variation comes in the form of different weapons and levels, but unfortunately the game requires you to hit these buildings multiple times in the same spots which can get old. Keeping things interesting are the clever level designs and a battle mode where your monster has to hold off waves of human military force. Battle mode is a great addition, even though sometimes the game reads your swipes to shoot as a swipe to pan the camera, which gets real frustrating.

Burn this City is a fun game to play. Its cute, colorful monster instantly earns your heart and his animations are will formed. However, the problems begin with the supposed human civilization. Apparently, our cities are a collection of the same five buildings and power plants randomly dispersed on cliffs and valleys. Not that I expect this game to be realistic, but some extra effort to give these cities more life would have gone a long way. The physics system is really accurate and buildings generally fall where they’re supposed to.

One complaint I have with the gameplay is that the camera follows your shot but doesn’t automatically return to the monster making you pan back manually or hit a small button. There is an option to turn this off but then the camera doesn’t follow the action at all. Also, unlike most games, there is not set number of turns per level; here a multiplier is earned if the level is completed under a few set amounts of time.

Overall, Burn the City does a lot good coming from such a small developer, and hopefully with a few updates and changes this game will be something special. But as it stands right now Burn the City does a few things to stand out from other games but I fear it might not be enough.