Flipboard for Android Gets New Design

Flipboard for Android Gets New Design

Feb 9, 2017

Seems so long ago…

Remember when folks on Android felt bereft without the then iOS-exclusive Flipboard? With good reason, by the way; Flipboard was a visually stunning news and social networks aggregator that really allowed folks to customize content on the go.

And now, the venerable application is getting a major overhaul.

The new Flipboard is here… and it promises to be “faster, easier, [and] more personalized than ever.”

We’re excited to introduce the all-new Flipboard, the one place to organize the world’s stories around all your passions. Here’s what’s new:
– Completely redesigned app that gives you quick access to the topics you care most about from a new Home carousel.
– New Smart Magazines for all your passions curated by Flipboard, the world’s best publishers, subject matter experts, and our community.

The new update is available now; the app remains free on Google Play.


[via Flipboard Blog]

Flipboard Gets Update

Flipboard Gets Update

Feb 14, 2016

News, entertainment and social networking app Flipboard is getting some tweaks via update.


– Fixed gibberish text in article comments
– GIFs now animating in full screen view
– Fixed issue with embedded audio not playing

Flipboard is still free on Google Play.

Flipboard Receives Update

Flipboard Receives Update

Nov 12, 2014

Flipboard, the cross-platform magazine app that is a staple for many smartphone users, is getting an update on the Android side.

According to the app detail page, the update formally brings:

• Go to the tile tab to see everything you’re following. Now you can filter to see topics, people, or connected social accounts.
• Pull down to refresh all your tiles.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We loved Flipboard when we reviewed it way back when; it remains free on the Play Store.

Flipboard Gets Big Update

Flipboard Gets Big Update

Oct 30, 2014

Flipboard, the popular personal magazine app for Android users, has just received a big update.

The third generation of Flipboard brings a refreshed look, and a bunch of refined features, especially for folks who use the app on their phones.

Excerpts from the explanatory blogpost detailing the changes:

1) With over 30,000 topics now available, your Flipboard can be as unique as you are. Topics range from “action hero” to “zoology” (and everything in-between), and you can find them via search or by tapping on the new topic tags on articles. Press “follow” every time you want to add something (or someone) to your Flipboard and watch as your experience becomes tailored to your life.

Topics are fueled by Zite’s technology but they’re also powered by people: Flipboard’s magazine makers, to be precise. Our “MagMakers” have curated over 10 million magazines around subjects they’re passionate about, often flipping in insightful articles, stunning photos and powerful videos and music. Our community’s hand-picked selections, indexed by our algorithms, yield a potent new mix of topical content you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look:

2) Want to catch up on the news in a fast, definitive way? Meet The Daily Edition, a carefully curated roundup of top headlines in news, business, tech, sports and culture, along with some fun elements, like a daily track and a Parting GIF to send you off on your day with a smile. Curated by the Flipboard team, The Daily Edition is currently available in editions for the U.S., UK, Latin America, U.S. Latino, Brazil and India, and is ready every day by 7:00 a.m. local time. You can find it among your tiles.

3) We’re rolling out an all-new design for the phone, where Flipboard has been re-imagined to be more magazine-like and elegant. Open Flipboard, and you’ll be immediately immersed in a highly-visual and up-to-the-minute stream of articles, photos and more based on your areas of interest. There are airy full-screen covers, fresh typography and a new navigational bar that lets you quickly access your home feed, your tiles, search, notifications and your profile.

4) The MagMakers among you will be excited to learn that there’s an updated look for profiles and a new Web tool called My Analytics, which offers an overview of how your curation is performing on Flipboard. And because we admire the work of our MagMakers, we’re launching a new series today called “My Magazine,” videos that spotlight inspiring people, their personal journeys and magazine expressions. Be sure to check out the clips and share your story with us using the #MyMagazine hashtag.

Flipboard is an app we truly love here at Android Rundown; we said as much when we reviewed it way back when. It remains completely free on the Play Store.

[Source: Flipboard Blog]

Free App Recap February 26 – News Apps

Free App Recap February 26 – News Apps

Feb 26, 2013

While most of the news out there is pretty depressing, there is still a lot of different news sources out there offering more than the latest celebrity getting arrested and pages and pages of depressing news. The hard part with any news is corralling it into an easy to read place. For Google Reader users, I don’t need to mention how great it is to have all of the the newest news in the subscribed feed right there. While this is great, getting some new information from other sources helps to get varied opinions. Here’s some new apps to try that offer ways to get more articles to read.


Flipboard is one great looking news reader. The news from the reader’s Twitter, Facebook and other social feeds helps to bring in relevant news. The news is divided into different categories like Technology, News, Photography and more. Click on the category and see news from Facebook, Twitter and other sources like BBC and Huffington Post. Swipe through the different stories and see if there is anything interesting.

Download Flipboard

Pulse News

Pulse News is a cool way to get news. It connects to Google Reader so there is access to all the subscribed blog feeds. Along with the Google Reader integration, there are other news sources like magazines and news from newspapers. Since not everyone has a lage data plan or access all of the time, there is offline sync mode letting the articles be read while there is not internet connection.

Download Pulse News


When all of the news starts to sound the same, sometimes it’s good to stop looking at the big news sources and head back to the feeds in Google Reader. Feedly is a great app for making the articles in Google Reader a lot easier to read. The layout is made for either a 4″ phone and 7″ or 10″ tablets. This makes for a great user experience on any device. The clean ans simpleness of the design makes reading the feeds on Google Reader a joy.

Download Feedly

Flipboard Review

Flipboard Review

Jul 11, 2012

I have always liked the idea of RSS readers and news apps, but I can easily say that the execution of these are somewhat disappointing. I want to like Google Reader but the constant managing of notifications and having to navigate to the actual story webpage are small things that just spoil the experience for me. I’m interested in the news more than smaller blogs, so maybe RSS was not really the best fit for me anyway. After maybe half a day of not checking up I would come home to 100+ notifications from all my major news outlets. I am very partial to certain news organizations but I still like to get other sides of the story. Looking for an RSS reader that also doubles as a news aggregator I stumbled upon Flipboard, and needless to say, I was impressed.

I fell in love with Flipboard the moment I started using it on my Droid. The whole app, visually is set up in square tiles that, literally, flip, up and down to reveal the next page on content. These tiles contain the different sources that are incredibly user customizable like the popular Metro user interface on new Window’s products. Simply pick some topics of interest; say, Technology, Sports, and Photography, and those tiles show up and contain news about each topic. Those stories are presented with a huge photo along with the title of the article and news source, and clicking on the title brings the full story, not just a link to an external webpage.

More than just a news aggregator, Flipboard offers the ability to include specific blogs in the news feed. The list of blogs available is impressive and there is the ability to add some through RSS. I love how these news stories and blog feeds are treated equally and being able to quickly switch between the two is so convenient. There is Facebook and Twitter integration and they do a good job, but it is not something that will replace their standard apps. There is also the option to create and account and back up everything for quick recovery, which I had to use, and went without a hitch.

So to tie this whole thing together I will give a quick run-through of a specific combination for anyone having a hard time putting this all together. Pulling open the app displays a large, WP7 Metro style 3×2 grid of tiles with everything that is normally read on the internet, on any smartphone in a gorgeous presentation. Flipboard is the closest I have seen a app of its kind come to actually reading a newspaper or magazine on my phone. For anyone looking for an app that is the perfect marriage of aggregated news, social networking, and RSS all tied up in an incredibly gorgeous and innovative presentation look no further. Flipboard is an amazing app and probably one of the most perfect news readers available.

Flipboard Flips on to Android

Flipboard Flips on to Android

Jun 22, 2012

The app that reinvents RSS readers in a visual style is now available for public consumption. Flipboard is now available for Android, after a lengthy original stay on iOS. This app lets users create boards from 18 categories, in order to keep track of the most interesting content from across the internet. As well, users can add their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see tweets, statuses, and shared content from those in their timelines in their flipboard along with posts from various sources. Posts can be favorited, liked, and shared with other people, including “read later” services like Pocket. It’s a unique way to keep up with important news from those on social networks.

The Android launch brings support for Google+, making it possible to +1 and share posts directly from the app. However, getting to view Google+ posts in the app like Twitter and Facebook posts does not appear to be in the app – or Google+ does not support this kind of interaction yet. The app uses a vertical flipping interface to switch posts, kind of like flipping pages on a notepad. The app is designed with a custom design, where even elements like the standard Android sharing menu are customized to fit with Flipboard‘s visual style, which is Ice Cream Sandwich friendly.

The humor here is that Flipboard is released to the Android public at large right as the Galaxy S III launches in the US. Seriously, the phone pretty much launched on the 20th, with some carriers delaying the launch. So, for those excited to use Flipboard on their new phone, no opportunity to be smug! Flipboard is available for free from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and the Nook Store, so there’s no reason for anyone who wants to use Flipboard to not check it out. It still comes preinstalled on the Galaxy S III.