Toast Time Review

Toast Time Review

Feb 24, 2014

The problem with most mobile action games is that they are usually not very well optimized for mobile devices. Most use virtual controls which are passable, fewer use the gamepad support which they really ought to have. But what few games do is to use the touchscreen in such a way that the game fits on there, and that is what Toast Time does perfectly.

Players control a toast that fires tiny toasts at enemies, who are trying to get to the clock in each level. If they do, it will be bad times in Toast Time.

The game doesn’t really do subtlety. Even the humor is pretty on the nose.

But ah, the game is still quite clever. See, firing a toast also serves as the way to move our breaded protagonist. So, any shot becomes a risk/reward proposition: is it worth hitting this enemy? If so, what is the purpose of the next shot? Is it worth going for that crate with a special weapon in a tricky location? Is the effort spent to collect it worth the risk of the time spent not hitting enemies? These decisions are the essence of the game, making it a thoughtful action-packed romp.


This is the kind of game that works rather well with either phones or tablets, but there are advantages to each approach. On a phone, it’s easier to reach for different edges of the screen in less time, of course. But on a tablet, there’s just more precision. Playing on 7-8″ tablets, I think, is the superior way to play this game. It’s a great balance, but there’s no real drawback to either approach. It’s still fun either way. I’d be curious to try this game with a mouse, but it still feels like something that works better with the speed of touch.

The customization is fun, yet not anything that stands out too much to be distracting or obscuring. It’s still toast firing toast, just perhaps now it’s a toast with a top hat and a monocle firing toast instead. While there is an endless survival mode, I would like a true endless mode, something where enemies keel coming in on a single level instead of just playing through all the levels sequentially as in this mode.

Of course, any complaints about Toast Time are merely skin deep. This is a fantastic mobile action game, and well worth playing.

Android Rundown Video of the Day: Toast Time

Android Rundown Video of the Day: Toast Time

Sep 13, 2013

It’s a game about toast. And time. It’s appropriately called Toast Time. Force of Habit mixes in some Super Crate Box elements in a unique game that’s featured on this edition of Video of the Day.

I go through the first world of the game, trying to not only keep the enemies from destroying the clock in the level, but also trying to get high scores by keeping the combo multiplier increasing. The game is very stringent on what a three-star rating entails, so be prepared for some retries, not only in the video but when playing it!

I also demo a brief taste of the second world, and some of the customization options: toast wearing a monocle? Who woulda thunk it? Oh, and everything’s unlocked by picking up the weapon crates in the game, which are absurdly-weaponized foodstuffs. Bagel shotgun.

Watch the video below, and check out the game on Google Play.

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