Bug Heroes 2 Review

Bug Heroes 2 Review

Aug 14, 2014

Bug Heroes 2 is a cool mix of tactical base building tactical shooter and cockroaches. What could go wrong?

Bug Heroes 2 is about bugs at war. Every slug and ant must do their part. The player moves their two bug team around in real time using an invisible virtual stick and attacking is handled automatically.

Screenshot_2014-08-12-16-50-52Depending on which bug is picked the player might blast away at distance or close in for some melee action. During combat grunt bugs like ants with rifles and siege engine grubs are constantly produced on both sides and go about attacking enemies automatically so the battlefield is always full of some matter of six legged carnage or another. The auto produced bugs really give the game a great feel as there is always fighting going on and watching armies of bugs clash is great fun.

Each bug the player controls has several skills that are the difference between winning and losing battles. The great thing is how different each character is. The Moth uses vital healing and buffing magic, while the Honey Bee is a sword and pistol armed officer type that boosts the skills of all grunts around him and has other skills that make his allies much stronger. He himself is weaker than the Cicada, who is a well armoured commando with a shotgun and offensive skills. Any two bugs can be used for the player’s team and strategies change a great deal depending on what they’re using. A large array of purchasable weapons and items, as well as permanent buffs are also available. Bug Heroes 2 has depth in spades.

Screenshot_2014-08-13-18-29-26Moving close to build spots at the player’s base allows construction of many different types of turret for defence, like sniper towers or machine gun towers. Other building types like additional unit production structures to crank out more grunts or shield bubbles to protect the base are also available. The sheer amount of turrets and options available is overwhelming and offers load of strategic depth. Smartly placing turrets, like putting short range cannons in front of sniper towers with a shield over it all to deflect incoming fire is important.
Besides normal battles where the first one to lose or their food or have their store destroyed is the loser the game also features survival type mission where the player must survive an onslaught of evil bugs using just their bugs skills and and wits

Between missions, new skills and buffs can be unlocked with coins gained from gameplay. New heroes also unlock randomly every few levels the player gains. Diamonds can be paid to unlock things early. Diamonds are premium currency, but there is no need to do so as things are unlocked at a good clip. Bug Heroes 2 has no nasty in-app purchases to speak of.

Bug Heroes 2 looks great. A cute but tough looking super-deformed style gives the game a unique look and combat looks great. Each character is full of personality and there is always something to look at. The sound is well done too. Weapons sound nice and beefy and combat sounds good. There is also some god music and a lot of speech which while repetitive is good to listen to.

Bug Heroes 2 is a highly polished, original game with no nasty freemium and tons of fun gameplay. Play it today!

Heroes and Castles Review

Heroes and Castles Review

Jul 7, 2014

Heroes and Castles is a new Action RPG/strategy game where chopping though a huge undead horde is just another day at the office.

Players can pick from one of a well-known cast of RPG favorites. There’s the stealthy assassin, the healing paladin and the tough knight, among others. Each is very different and provides a different style of gameplay.

Heroes and Castles mixes RPG gameplay with a pinch of strategy. While the player moves and fights much like any other button mashing action RPG, the game is set up so they cannot survive alone.

Screenshot_2014-07-02-20-30-21Troops can be recruited to aid in holding back the shambling undead before they beat their way into Hinton castle’s strangely wooden walls. Quite a few troops from weak archers to armor clad, pike welding badasses can be recruited to both serve as a distraction and kill enemies in their own right. Using troops well is the key to success.

A few buildings can be constructed as well. The most common one are gold mines that generate money to train new soldiers, but arrow towers and a few others can be built. After each battle gems are earned that can be used to boost skills and learn new ones.

Screenshot_2014-07-02-20-13-02Lamentably, some really interesting gameplay ideas are undone by the incredibly high difficulty of Heroes and Castles. The first few levels are simple enough, but from about level 4 onwards the game becomes a whole different ballgame. Enemies arrive in droves. The introduction of armored enemies who both dish out and take a lot of damage makes the game much more difficult. Their armor makes them nearly immune to attacks from nearly every troop type, including the player. The only troops that can counter armored enemies are very expensive pikemen that cost more than an arrow tower each.

Rarely can the player afford enough pikemen to have much chance of winning and it is obvious that Heroes and Castles is steering the player towards purchasing in app purchases which boost abilities and make the game slightly easier. There is a lot of in app purchases in Heroes and Castles. This would be more acceptable if the base game did not already cost money.

Graphically, Heroes and Castles is quite simple, but with the large amount of characters on screen during a major battle this is understandable. The game would just not have a stable frame rate otherwise. The sound is similarly second rate. Combat sounds more like banging forks together and voice acting is very poor. A strange omission is the lack of death cries for both enemies and allies. This makes it difficult to tell if troops are holding if the player cannot see them. The music gets the job done, but it is a much better idea to turn it off to better keep track of battle.

Heroes and Castles delivers a unique experience for mobile and some interesting gameplay. Unfortunately it then shoots itself in the foot with in-app purchases, poor presentation and very high difficulty. Only rich strategy fans should apply.