Monster Adventures Review

Monster Adventures Review

May 6, 2014

Yes. Pokémon. Zelda. What an awesome combination. But will Monster Adventures deliver on its promise?

When a game developer compares its own game with games like Pokémon and Zelda, my interest is genuine. But I’m also a bit cautious, because deep down inside I know things will fall short compared to what I hope them to be. Monster Adventures is one of those titles. Its developer, Foursaken Media, compared it with the monster catching from Pokémon and the adventure of a Zelda game – but truth be told, it doesn’t come close to both games.


What does it offer? Monster Adventures is a sweet looking action role playing game with indeed monsters to be caught and trained and randomly generated dungeons to explore. If anything, a comparison of the mix up between Skylanders (without the awesome toys) and Mystery Dungeon is more likely, because than you really know what to expect. You set out on adventure from this dull town you’re from and will soon conquer the world, monster by monster, dungeon by dungeon.

But it will take a long time. Monster Adventures is designed around grinding – making your monster stronger by defeating other monsters and making him more powerful via special Essences. Eating fruit is another way of upgrading the monsters. Both methodes can be used after collecting enough of the two types of in-game currency. Currency players can collect or buy – the latter clearly being the way to play this game, because the grinding part really gets annoying for a while.

Those Essences are actually what makes Monster Adventures real fun. With it, you can change the physical appearance of your monster and give it more special powers. However, the designs of the monsters are very basic – just like the game as a whole, actually – so designing your monster and seeing him grow overtime, isn’t that spectacualar. It’s too basic and falls short on expactations it gives the player beforehand. But yeah, it’s a fun mechanic nonetheless.

Monster Adventures isn’t the game it said it would be – it is not Pokémon combined with Zelda. What it is, is a solid but standard and repetitive action rpg with shallow mechanics like sculpting your own monster. It may be fun to do, but the game falls short on all expectations to really give a big okay on this one. Besides: combining experience points gathering with two types of in-game currency is a tricky way to make people pay more money for the game, because we all know grinding for ever is really dull.