Fragger Review

Fragger Review

May 18, 2012

Ever wonder what Angry Birds would look like if the heroes were humans instead of birds? Fragger has the answer. It’s a military slingshot game with the same principle – albeit with different human methods (the hero can’t really fly).

The objective of the game is to kill all enemies by throwing grenades. The hero of the game needs to overcome physical barriers such as concrete walls so his grenades land and explode in the right place at the right time. When all enemies are killed the player can proceed to the the next round. The game has 370 levels and 12 worlds to unlock. The first few levels are super easy, giving the player enough time to improve his grenade-flinging skills. One can buy unlimited grenades, or more viewable solutions and even a detonator – all for a certain price.

Game controls are pretty simple and self-explanatory. Tap on any area near the enemy and hold down to point the arrow to aim. Swipe up and down to adjust the intensity of the throw. Strategic positioning of the arrow is needed to blow up the enemy effectively. If the grenade somehow does not fall where the player intended, there is a button to abort the explosion – although if you don’t abort it and it explodes near the hero, it doesn’t really kill him.

If at a certain point, a player can not get past a level, there is a View Solution button shown after the failed attempt. Note that there is only a limited number of solutions that can be viewed. There is an option purchase more solutions ($1.99) or get it free by downloading other affiliate games and earning free coins. Additionally, there are three free Skip buttons available at the end of each level which enables the player to skip the current level and move on to the next one. Succeeding “skips” again requires some form of purchase. The game is also connected with the OpenFeint network for posting high scores on Leaderboards.

Graphics and sound are excellent in this game. I constantly find myself grinning just to see the cuteness and humorous things that happen all throughout the game. It certainly is one of its best features. Gameplay is also smooth and responsive – like most casual games, it doesn’t really demand that much power from the phone. Loading time is also pretty decent and there are no lags seen in between levels or screens.

Sadly, ads and in-game purchases are present in this game. The placement of these are acceptable and do not take away from the game’s great interface and design. I supposed in-game purchases are welcome to some players who want to get ahead of the game.

Because of its simplicity, Fragger might prove routinary (for easy stages) and frustrating (for challenging stages) after a while. But it also can be addictive to others, and this is great since there are so many levels to continue playing the game for a long time. Either way, any short or long time player should enjoy this game for its great interface and mind blowing fun.