Free The Network Review

Free The Network Review

Jul 28, 2014

There are numerous endless runners on Android, and Free the Network is an okay one. It does at least three things right; mainly the controls.

The endless runner genre is highly represented on Android devices, mainly because, for one, it doesn’t take very much effort to develop one. Yes, there are some runners, like Subway Surfers, where one can clearly state that a lot of effort has been put in the creation of the game, but most of them are simple, 2D runners without any big differences compared to other titles. And some of those runners are 3D and simple, but do have some nice features to show for. Like Free the Network.


Take, for instance, the graphical appeal of the game. Sure, it is not unique, but it looks really nice. Free the Network takes place on a endless tube, changing color depending on the zone the player is. Players must help the white ball on the bottom of the screen evade all the things that are on the tube and the further a player gets, the higher the score of course. The gameplay is right from the start fast paced and quite difficult, so players get challenged right away.

Next to the awesome graphics of the game, Free the Network does two other things right: it gives the player the option to control the ball (well, the tube actually) with the motion controls of the smartphone or with the two on-screen arrows. Normally, digital buttons wouldn’t be my first choice, but since precise motion controls aren’t invented yet on smart devices, I was really glad to play the game on my on way. I gave me a much bigger sense of control.

The second thing the game has going for it, is that it presents the moment the player died the round before. A big, white circle appears at that point, so players can clearly see their progression since the last round. It is a nice touch. Could have been better, though. Because it only presents the round before, players still get left in the dark in terms of overall progression. But hey, maybe another 3D endless runner could fill up that gap. But this one, this one is okay and quite fun to play.