Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Dec 7, 2016

Google Hangouts is getting an update which is supposed to help group chats get better.

More specifically, app version 14.0 makes it easier to create and name group chats. Also, the new build brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

The app remains free.

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Dec 2, 2016

Tis the season of giving, and the Amazon Appstore has Ticket to Ride (from Days of Wonder) for free.

That’s a game regularly priced at $6.99 available for free.

This is a port of the popular railway-based board game Designed by Alan R Moon, and features cross-platform multi-player functionality

Check out the formal feature set:

Main features

• Alan R. Moon’s official Ticket to Ride maps with original artwork in full high resolution
• Cross-platform online Play against other Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac and PC gamers
• An unparalleled online player community with tens of thousands of live opponents
• Solo play against up to 4 AI players
• Pass-and-Play with up to 4 live opponents
• Additional maps of Europe, Switzerland, USA 1910, Legendary Asia, India and Nordic Countries available as in-app purchases
• Detailed, interactive turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
• Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes to help you master all the maps
• True cross-platform: players can challenge on other platforms including Steam PC and Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad
• Online and offline Hall of Fame

Our sister site Pocket Gamer gave the game high praise when it tool a formal look a while back.

Go ahead and get this while it’s available…


Digidiced to Add Board Game ‘Patchwork’ to Amazon Underground Next Month

Digidiced to Add Board Game ‘Patchwork’ to Amazon Underground Next Month

Nov 30, 2016

Digidiced has made a fine business of porting board games to mobile, and we hear that one of the titles in its stable, Patchwork The Game is due out on Amazon Underground in December.

Amazon Underground is Amazon’s app environment that allows users to opt-in to enjoy games that are truly free: no micro-transactions at all. Amazon foots the the cost, and this is why games that have premium pricing and/or micro-transactions are free on Underground.

On Google Play, this game costs $2.99 (with extra optional in-app purchases); as noted above, it will be free on Amazon Underground.

Patchwork is an interesting quilting game based off of the Uwe Rosenberg’s board game; it sits two, and incorporates resource management elements.

Due date? December 6th.

Google Maps Adds Tighter Integration with Google Calendar

Google Maps Adds Tighter Integration with Google Calendar

Oct 14, 2016

Google’s Maps – Navigation & Transit is getting better interlinking with Calendar and Gmail in its latest update.

Now, when one visits “Your Places” in the app and proceeds to the “UPCOMING” tab, future events (and data like hotel reservations should show up. It pulls the information from Google Calendar and Gmail.

Also on tap is the ability to see food and drink photos in a business’s details and photo gallery; this should be great for, say, eateries.

Lastly, reduced bandwith is used for place details on 2G/3G networks.

The app remains free on the Play Store.

AccuWeather Adds Crowdsourced Data and More

AccuWeather Adds Crowdsourced Data and More

Oct 12, 2016

AccuWeather for Android is picking up a host of ew features via an update that is rolling out now.

Probably the most interesting new feature is “AccuCast.” This allows a user of the app to report the weather conditions in his/her current location via the app. It also gives users the ability to check what others are reporting on the maps screen.

Samsung users with devices that support Multiview will like that the app now supports that specific functionality.

The new update brings social sharing option, photo/video sharing, improved widgets, local times on the Now screen, Follow Me for ongoing notification, dark/light themes  for ongoing notification and alerts bar and more. 

Oh yeah… the app also gets a snazzy new icon.

The app has premium ($2.99) and free versions on Google Play.

[via Google Play]

Video Discovery App ‘MightyTV’ Launches on Google Play

Video Discovery App ‘MightyTV’ Launches on Google Play

Sep 30, 2016

Great news: MightyTV is coming over from iOS to Android devices.

The app, which is described as the “Tinder of television discovery,” allows folks to swipe through lists of shows and movies to find enjoyable content.

And by content, there is a lot: more than 30,000 popular titles from services like Crackle, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more; shows can be saved or cast to compatible devices.

MightyTV chief Brian Adams loves that Android users not have access. “Our goal with MightyTV has always been to create a new kind of video discovery experience that helps bring back the fun of finding something good,” he says. “We’ve had tremendous feedback from users since our debut, and it’s great to be able to take what we’ve learned and make continuous improvements to our recommendation engine. Now millions of Android users can enjoy the same benefits of our discovery platform, with some fun twists, which eliminates the hassle of searching so you spend more time streaming and watching videos you’ll love.”

MightyTV is free on Google Play.

Upcoming Game ‘Flappy Golf 2’ Due Out this Month

Upcoming Game ‘Flappy Golf 2’ Due Out this Month

Sep 12, 2016

Looking to build on the residual success of hit game Flappy Golf (and current popularity of recently launched Super Stickman Golf 3), Noodlecake Studios is set to release the sequel to former — aptly named Flappy Golf 2.

According to the press release, the game includes a lot of goodness from the aforementioned Super Stickman Golf 3, and a lot of new content.

Per the presser, the game description is as follows:

Play our famous Race Mode either online against your friends or locally for some serious fun! Or flap your way to the hole in as few flaps as possible to earn all the Gold Stars. Can you get them all and unlock Super Star Mode?

– Online and Local Multiplayer
– 29 Courses with More Coming!
– Simple flap controls

The game, like its predecessor, will be be free and ad-supported; the actual due date is September 22nd.

The trailer is below:

[Our Super Stickman Golf 3 Review]

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Aug 31, 2016

For a lot of business folks, the exchange of business cards is a required part of business. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader allows professionals to digitize card data to smartdevices.

Per the press release, the update brings:

The updated version has:
◦ enhanced computer vision enabling the app to identify the edges of a business card
◦ auto focus and auto click: just point the camera, the app will do the rest
◦ automatic perspective correction
◦ auto crop
◦ manual crop
◦ image enhancing filters
◦ both sides of a business card
◦ full-screen viewing mode
◦ export of contacts to MS Excel as a searchable, manageable database
◦ 50% higher processing speed: now it only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card!

There is a free and Pro version available on Google Play.

Father’s Day Giveaway! 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek Goes Free on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Father’s Day Giveaway! 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek Goes Free on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Jun 14, 2016

Like we didn’t know G5 would go big again for Father’s Day…

Yes, 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek is on sale on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. This one brings plenty of puzzles and interesting locales to bear.

Per Google Play:

Free for a limited time! Don’t miss out!
Save your best friend and an entire 1950s town from a terrifying threat!
Your dearest friend, the journalist Helen Hunter, traveled to the coastal town of Serpent Creek to report on the Serpent Festival. Now she’s missing, and the last phone call she made was to you. As a paranormal private investigator, Helen wanted you to weigh in on some frightening things she’d discovered. She asked you to come immediately.
The first thing you see upon arriving in Serpent Creek is a humanoid, snake-like creature. Clearly, Helen’s fears were not groundless. It seems the town’s streets are crawling with snakes, the ground shakes with violent tremors, people are sleepwalking and, to make matters worse, no one remembers a blonde journalist.
Investigate mysterious locations and solve challenging puzzles to piece together clues about what happened to Helen. Reveal the evil that clutches this crippled town and stop a nefarious plot to bring the Snake God back to our world!

● 53 eerie locations
● 13 clever puzzles and mini-games
● Six strange characters
● 19 achievements to unlock
● Thrilling story set in 1950s America

Hurry though; the offer runs from now through June 19th. As an added bonus, the giveaway is available for iOS and Mac users as well.

The trailer is below:

Youda Survivor Goes Free for a Limited Time

Youda Survivor Goes Free for a Limited Time

May 30, 2016

Youda Survivor is free on Google Play and Amazon Appstore courtesy of G5.

Game details:

Free for a limited time! Don’t miss out!
For all real strategy games fans – the most frenzied adventure yet! Can you survive on a mysterious island as well as find your way back home? Try it out in Youda Survivor. Here is your chance to become a real Robinson Crusoe. You will have to win over the hearts of the native tribe by proving that you are the one person that can save them from cunning pirates. Obtain mystical tribal items with magical powers; learn rituals which you can use to control the weather and use special machines to advance in your quest. Learn the secrets of tribal diets and boil powerful potions to make you stronger. Prove that you have what it takes to survive anywhere and under any circumstances.

● 80 Amazing levels
● 5 Extra powers: rain, wind, lightning, birds and monkeys
● 11 Exotic animals
● Fast-paced action
● Exciting adventure
● Upgrades, bonuses and awards
● Survive a deserted island!

The game is free through June 5th; check out the trailer below.

Google Maps Update Brings ‘Search-Along’ Feature to Cycling and Walking

Google Maps Update Brings ‘Search-Along’ Feature to Cycling and Walking

May 29, 2016

After bringing the invaluable search along feature — which allows one to search for entities along a mapped route — to car navigation, Google Maps is adding the same to its walking and cycling options via an update rolling out now.

Per Google Play:


• Search along the route in bicycling and walking navigation.

Google Maps remains available for free, and the update is out now.

MatchYS Launches on Android

MatchYS Launches on Android

May 18, 2016

Crysoft’s new game MatchYS is available and ready to play on Google Play and Amazon.

Help Pauly to get rid the mess of his room before his mother Loretta comes home, but be careful because she will not be the least of his problems!

You will have to sharpen your eyes, be fast and precise in this fast-paced puzzle game.

Every child loves his toys and the the small Pauly’s bedroom makes no exception, it is literally packed to the rafters.
Pauly’s mom, Loretta, wants everything to be clean and tidy, before she leaves the house, so she entrusted his son the task of keeping in place the toys. Easier said than done!

Terence, Pauly’s little prankster brother, is still there and he can’t wait to sneak in the bedroom to play by diving into incredible adventures of knights and dragons, space battles and car chases. And to make matters worse, the family clumsy big dog Horatio roams freely around the house, creating even more havoc.

Will be Pauly able to put everything in order before his mother returns?

MatchYS main features
• Fast, mind grabbing puzzle game . Easy to play, hard to master!
• 100 levels of pure fun. Simple, smart but also challenging.
• Unpredictable events. Keep an eye on the bedroom door: Terence, Horatio and Loretta are still lurking.
• Incredible vintage style graphics. Uncover or re-discover toys that any of us had fun at least once.
• Challenge your friends. Connect to Facebook and discover who will be the King of the Bedroom.

The game is free (with ads). Check out the trailer below: