Chrome Remote Desktop adds audio-listening functionality and more

Chrome Remote Desktop adds audio-listening functionality and more

Apr 24, 2017

For folks on the go, Chrome Remote Desktop can be a lifesaver; the app/utility allows users to tap in remotely to Windows and Linux machines with Chrome browser installed from Android devices and Chromebooks.

We certainly have an affinity to it, to say the least.

Now, the app gets a bit more useful with some new additions and tweaks to the Android application.

The latest build allows users to listen to audio hosted on Linux and Windows computers, it also adds new disconnection methods, and adds some other touches.

Per Google Play:


• Listen to audio from Windows or Linux computers.
• Remove unwanted connections by long-pressing on the computer name.
• Smoother pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scrolling.
• New Help & Feedback screen.

It remains free on Google Play.


Root Explorer gets improvements via update

Root Explorer gets improvements via update

Mar 29, 2017

Popular Android file manager Root Explorer just received an update that makes the app more appealing to users working with big files and folks making use of USB on-the-go (OTG).

Per Google Play, the new build (4.1) brings:

USB OTG support for Marshmallow (Android 6) upwards

• Moving large files within SD card on Nougat (Android 7) now happens instantly.

Root Explorer comes in two flavors: free and a fuller featured premium version that costs $3.99.

App Promo! My Town: Grandparents goes free

App Promo! My Town: Grandparents goes free

Mar 27, 2017

My Town: Grandparents, the latest addition to the My Town series, is available for free for what we assume will be a limited time.

The game is especially aimed at children.

App details:

-9 exciting locations including a garden, woodwork area at the basement and dad’s old room!
-Plant more then 20 different flowers, vegetables and bushes
-14 characters you are absolutely going to love and adore including dad’s best friend and Grandpa’s neighbors!
-Can you find the ghost? it’s out there waiting for you around the house.
-Make sure the plants are watered and replaced after they dry out.
-Lots of clothing and items to add to your canvas game area.
-You can not FRY an omelet, over clock it and burn it, use fire extinguisher in case of fire! :)

The game is usually priced at $2.99.

Welcome to Izzy Anna Jones — a game that benefits Little League Baseball

Welcome to Izzy Anna Jones — a game that benefits Little League Baseball

Mar 27, 2017

Here’s an interesting new game on Google Play: Izzy Anna Jones – 2D Adventure. This one looks to be a cool platformer with vertical elements, but also is slated to support Little League Baseball.

Izzy Anna Jones is a 2D Adventure Game from Blaze Studios. You play as Izzy Anna Jones. An amazing explorer from a long line of explorers.

Help Izzy through challenging levels of desert, caves, and Egyptian pyramids. Use skill, cunning, and of course her pistol, to make you way through enemies and obstacles. Can you cross the Nile and get to the pyramid of pharaohs to find the long lost treasure?

Fun-looking game that supports youth playing the quintessential American game?


Izzy Anna Jones is available for free on Google Play.

Puzzler Game Linia is Free for a Limited Time

Puzzler Game Linia is Free for a Limited Time

Mar 5, 2017

Black Robot Games has slashed the price of Liniadown to $0 (from $1.99). That’s right: the game is currently free.

Game details (per Google Play):

Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges. In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. Imagine when colors are running around, revolving, hiding, changing shape and doing everything they can to avoid being caught by your line. It will take skill and sense of rhythm to get the sequence right. Are you up for the challenge?


– Original puzzle gameplay
– More than 80 unique and colorful puzzle levels and…
– …new levels released with future updates
– Game progress saved to the cloud
– Achievements!
– A little surprise if you complete all levels

We don’t know how long it will be offered for free, so don’t tarry. Check out the trailer below:

[via Slickdeals]

Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Feb 28, 2017

Not everyone has the ability to travel with an army of people dedicated to make them look good. Remember Sandra Bullock as Gracie Lou Freebush disembarking from the plane in Miss Congeniality?

Yes… that’s the life.

Now, there’s a new app that promises to allow you have that type of lifestyle: WalkingRed. The app serves as the mobile portal for

Excerpts from the press release:

Most people don’t have the luxury of bringing their glam squad with them on their travels, much less even having one, but is making it easier than ever to feel like a celebrity while traveling! WalkingRed is the premier on demand mobile beauty and fitness service created to provide customers the star treatment at their convenience.

WalkingRed is equipped with a leading team of beauty and fitness professionals providing a variety of services across the industry. Every WalkingRed artist is fully qualified, insured and complies with high service standards. Each are screened and certified in person, are required to pass CRB checks, and must be fully insured.

For now, WalkingRed is only available in the UK, but we hear it will be expanding its reach soon.

The app is free on Google Play.

AccuWeather Update Brings New Features

AccuWeather Update Brings New Features

Feb 24, 2017

Premium weather application AccuWeather just received an update.

Amongst the news things featured are new buttons which have been added to the temperature in the notification bar and a brand new custom widget.


• Updated Daily / Hourly Graphs with scale and new button to expand/collapse day and night list on the Daily screen.
• New Feature: Tap map screen to get location and current temperature
• New Feature: Watches and Warnings map layer added (US Only)
• Refresh button and timestamp have been added to Temperature in the Notification bar
• Custom Widget blacked out issue fix
• Other Bug Fixes

* Please try our New Custom 4×2 Widget that Will let you know when to take Umbrella or Jacket.

AccuWeather comes in two flavors: a completely free version and a premium build which costs $2.99 (the premium version offers additional IAPs).

Music Artist Discovery App TuneGO Arrives on Android

Music Artist Discovery App TuneGO Arrives on Android

Feb 16, 2017

It’s a crowded music scene, and for folks with talent and a dream, it can be exceptionally hard to be discovered.

TuneGO, a service that allows for independent artists to reach and connect with fans and industry, in now looking to recreate the service on mobile devices with the launch of its Android application.

The app promises music industry access and the ability so share music and video in unlimited fashion. It also allows users to explore and discover trending music, and to discover and interact with folks on all sides of the music industry.

TuneGO chief John Kohl alks about giving artists an advantage. “TuneGO delivers tools to artists to help them advance their careers,” he says. “The path to success in the music industry is a long and winding road, but our platform offers an edge to artists to help them get discovered – both by fans as well as by the music industry as a whole.”

The app is free on the Play Store.

Google Street View Receives an Update

Google Street View Receives an Update

Jan 25, 2017

Google Street View, the up-close-and-personal companion utility to Google Maps, is getting an update.

Per the changelog, it is now possible to see more info from the stats panel, and users can now connect photos from the photo menu.

More specifically:


• View recent auto-connections from the Stats panel.
• Connect your nearby photos from the fullscreen photo menu.
• Many UI improvements and bug fixes.

It remains free on Google Play.

Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Dec 7, 2016

Google Hangouts is getting an update which is supposed to help group chats get better.

More specifically, app version 14.0 makes it easier to create and name group chats. Also, the new build brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

The app remains free.

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Dec 2, 2016

Tis the season of giving, and the Amazon Appstore has Ticket to Ride (from Days of Wonder) for free.

That’s a game regularly priced at $6.99 available for free.

This is a port of the popular railway-based board game Designed by Alan R Moon, and features cross-platform multi-player functionality

Check out the formal feature set:

Main features

• Alan R. Moon’s official Ticket to Ride maps with original artwork in full high resolution
• Cross-platform online Play against other Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac and PC gamers
• An unparalleled online player community with tens of thousands of live opponents
• Solo play against up to 4 AI players
• Pass-and-Play with up to 4 live opponents
• Additional maps of Europe, Switzerland, USA 1910, Legendary Asia, India and Nordic Countries available as in-app purchases
• Detailed, interactive turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
• Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes to help you master all the maps
• True cross-platform: players can challenge on other platforms including Steam PC and Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad
• Online and offline Hall of Fame

Our sister site Pocket Gamer gave the game high praise when it tool a formal look a while back.

Go ahead and get this while it’s available…


Digidiced to Add Board Game ‘Patchwork’ to Amazon Underground Next Month

Digidiced to Add Board Game ‘Patchwork’ to Amazon Underground Next Month

Nov 30, 2016

Digidiced has made a fine business of porting board games to mobile, and we hear that one of the titles in its stable, Patchwork The Game is due out on Amazon Underground in December.

Amazon Underground is Amazon’s app environment that allows users to opt-in to enjoy games that are truly free: no micro-transactions at all. Amazon foots the the cost, and this is why games that have premium pricing and/or micro-transactions are free on Underground.

On Google Play, this game costs $2.99 (with extra optional in-app purchases); as noted above, it will be free on Amazon Underground.

Patchwork is an interesting quilting game based off of the Uwe Rosenberg’s board game; it sits two, and incorporates resource management elements.

Due date? December 6th.