Galaga Wars Adds PAC-MAN Ship via Update

Galaga Wars Adds PAC-MAN Ship via Update

Feb 17, 2017

If you’re human, you should like space shooters… and as such, you’ll like Galaga Wars.

Enough said.

Now, our nifty arcade look-back is getting an update, and a cool one indeed. Headlining the new build is a new, unlockable ship: PAC-MAN… yep, that Pac-Man.

It seems like Galaga Wars gets even old school-ier.

Per the update:

With this update, you can now hunt the elusive Maple enemy. This special alien appears in sectors, and when killed, drops precious Credits. You can use these Credits to unlock the Pac-Man ship!

We certainly enjoyed our formal spin with the game; this update makes it even better.

The game remains free (with in-game purchases) on Google Play.


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Tapatalk Gets an Update

Tapatalk Gets an Update

Feb 16, 2017

Tapatalk – 100,000+ Forums application is a popular app that internet forum readers rely on. Now, the prominent application is getting an update that is available now.

The current build brings some fixes with regards to forum functionality.

Per Google Play:


version 6.4.6
-Fixed Unread not working properly.
-Fixed Some tabs not being displayed in the forum home screens.

Tapatalk remains free (with in-app) purchases on Google Play.

Final Clash -3D FANTASY MMORPG Launches on Google Play

Final Clash -3D FANTASY MMORPG Launches on Google Play

Feb 15, 2017

PopPace recently launched a new game on on the Play Store called Final Clash -3D FANTASY MMORPG.

To celebrate its launch, its developer is rewarding players with a new server release and special in-game goodies.

In celebration of its release, Final Clash is rewarding RPG fans with an official launch event. Players will enjoy a new server release of the game along with special promotions and bonuses that include double collection rates from dungeons, exclusive Valentine’s Day-inspired outfits at sale prices, and the opportunity to claim special Mythic Hero Ares fragment bundles if purchases across all game servers meet pre-set targets.

The game is available now, for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Check out the trailer below:

MARVEL Future Fight Update Brings New Content

MARVEL Future Fight Update Brings New Content

Feb 15, 2017

Superhero-laden MARVEL Future Fight is getting an update that brings a whole lot more playable missions and characters.

On deck are Inhumans… fresh from the MARVEL archives. There is a also a new reward system.

Per the press release, the newbies are as follows:

– Moon Girl – An Inhuman genius. She races into battle with her trusty friend, the giant red T-Rex Devil Dinosaur, and her arsenal of homemade inventions.
* Karnak – An Inhuman philosopher adept at hand-to-hand combat, with the uncanny ability to find the flaws and weak points of any enemy.
* Gorgon – An Inhuman warrior who has served the Inhuman Royal Family for years. With his beastly legs, he stomps the ground causing massive shockwaves to defeat his enemies.
* Inferno – An Inhuman and member of Gorgon’s team dedicated to protecting the Inhuman race. His Inhuman ability allows him to produce and manipulate fire from his body to defeat his enemies.
* Crystal – An Inhuman princess and sister of Medusa, the Queen of the Inhumans. She is able to control the elements of fire, water, earth, and air.
* Maximus – The younger brother of Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. He is a brilliant scientist who uses his inventions, including the Chorus Sentry, in battle. He is greedy, short-tempered, and conniving, constantly seeking to usurp his brother’s throne.
* Dormammu – Lord of the Dark Dimension. He is the eternal rival of Doctor Strange, and is unbeatable within his own dimension. He is a god-like character equipped with powerful physical and magical abilities.

Netmarble Games Global Chief Seungwon Lee is excited about the new material.“The Inhumans have been becoming increasingly popular across pop culture and now players of MARVEL Future Fight will have a slew of new content to explore,” he says. “Not only will they be able to play as Inhumans characters, but they’ll also experience a thrilling storyline surrounding the conspiracy of Maximus the Mad.”

We took MARVEL Future Fight for a spin a while back and liked it; it remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


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G5’s Mahjong Journey Gets 90 New Levels via Update

G5’s Mahjong Journey Gets 90 New Levels via Update

Feb 8, 2017

If you’re into mahjong (and packing a device running Android or Fire OS), G5 has got some great news: its skill game Mahjong Journey just picked up a lot of new content via an update on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Per the update informational:

The new update brings ninety — yes, 90 — new levels in Greece and Italy, as well as new tile sets.

-90 NEW LEVELS IN ITALY AND GREECE – Discover picturesque Lake Como, the famous Coliseum, the ancient Acropolis of Athens and other breathtaking locations.

-TWO NEW TILE SETS – Test your skills and pair up more than 80 unique tiles.

The game remains free (with in-app purchases).

Landscape Version of Vector Invaders Arrives on Google Play

Landscape Version of Vector Invaders Arrives on Google Play

Feb 4, 2017

Gazzapper Games has a pretty good track record with bringing retro-ish games to Android devices, and now, we get to see a new version of one of it’s earlier games.

Vector Invaders: Space Shooter is a fine fresh take on the space shooting games of old; the portrait-oriented shooter has good feedback.

Now, based on demand, Gazzapper Games has launched a landscape version of the game called Vector Invaders (Landscape). The game is essentially unchanged except for the orientation, which we figure will be great for folks rocking tablets.

★ Fun! Halloween, B-movie, Green screen Overlays (Optional) – Just like the Vec trex Console
★ Global High Score table – For Fun! Use your Twitter id in score table :)
★ Two control modes Buttons or Drag (tapping upper part of screen to fire)
★ [Update] Left & Right button control options
★ CRT scanline effects
★ Dark Mode option
★ Bombs dropped by the space aliens
★ Shots at various speeds / Mystery space ship bonus
★ Invaders advance faster on later levels

Like the original, this one is free — within-app purchases.


WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG Review

WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG Review

Jan 31, 2017

Truly, we didn’t know what to expect with WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG. I mean, it’s WWE, so there’s going to at least be a suplex or two, no?

Ah… not so fast.

From looks standpoint, it has a bunch of comfortable characters. It isn’t too glitzy, and the stars themselves look a bit whimsical. The animations are decent, and the other visual pieces are quite well done. The game plays in portrait.wwe3

The game launches with The Rock — and, seriously, no one is better — leading the tutorial. You’re the team manager, and here’s the opportunity to lead WWE superstars to victory.

By now, you must have figured it out: this is a match-3 game. Come again? Yep, this is all about manipulating pieces for points.

The game leads you to a grid with gems of different colors. The idea is to, of course, make matches by gesture swap. Making matches dissolves the gems and yields power.

And here is where the main gimmick really reveals itself: the gems power WWE stars… wrestling WWE stars. Said fighters are above the grid of gems; every time you make a match of three (or more) horizontally or vertically, the star you are managing is able to perform some action against the opponent.

And then there are some special cases. Matching specific colors unleash specific moves. Combos are always great. There are special move cards that can be charged, and everything is geared towards dealing enough damage to be able to pin the opponent.

Now, a great element is the defense. When a pin is attempted, the defending wrestler gets three opportunities to match three gems to generate enough energy to kick out. If not, match is over.

The RPG part is pretty involved. Winning yields coin (and more, like more superstars and XP), and the game money can be used to improve one’s stars, which is important. There is a collaborative online mode, and other aspects that make the game fun.

There are opportunities to use real cash to expedite processes.

All in all, an engaging, atypical “wrestling” game. Not bad.

Tiny Rails Gets an Update

Tiny Rails Gets an Update

Jan 28, 2017

Empire-building adventure Tiny Rails is getting an update; this one brings glitch fixes and gameplay tweaks.

Update 1.0.9 brings several key fixes and optimizations to Tiny Rails!
– Speed Glitch fixed!
– Destination glitch fixed!
– Map travel improved and optimized
– Trainiary update: Streamlined user experience
– ‘Manual Depart’ option added
– Minor bug fixes
All aboard!

Tiny Rails is free with in-app purchases.

Bushido Saga Arrives on Google Play

Bushido Saga Arrives on Google Play

Jan 26, 2017

Bushido Saga is a new entry from Pandora Game Studio that can be procured right now off of Google Play.

Per the press release, here are the main features:

Game Features:
– UNRAVEL a deadly conspiracy against you lord!
– SLASH at your enemies by swiping the screen. Control is at your fingertips.
– KILL dozens of minions as only a skilled and expert SAMURAI can do!
– BATTLE with a myriad of weapons: blades, halberds, spears, hammers or bows.
– EQUIP the right weapon to battle each type of enemy. Each weapon has it strengths and weaknesses.
– VANQUISH powerful and fearsome BOSSES.
– CUT down hordes of fierce SAMURAI, stealthy NINJA and fearsome RONIN!
– LOOT dozens of masterful armors, legendary blades and mythical swords

The game is free (with in-app purchases).

Tower Defense Generals Arrives on Google Play

Tower Defense Generals Arrives on Google Play

Jan 25, 2017

We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as too many tower defense games, and thankfully, GameSpire agrees. Consequently, we have a whole new game to check out: Tower Defense Generals TD.

This particular tower defense caper is set in a decidedly military atmosphere, with tanks, turrets and the whole nine yards.

Per the press release, the main features are as follows:

TD Generals features:
★ 18 exciting levels to master.
★ Multiple episodes in varying environments, each with unique gameplay challenges.
★ 12 powerful towers, including laser gun, missile launcher, machine gun and vehicle support. The ultimate TD arsenal!
★ 20 different military enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses.
★ Legendary generals. Each has unique specialties that fit different play styles!
★ Upgrade system allows you to min/max your towers towards your preferred strategy.
★ Three difficulty modes to challenge your tactical skills to the limit.
★ High definition 3D graphics and special effects.
★ Optimized for Android phones and tablets.

The game is free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer below:

Kongregate and Divine Games Bring ‘Realm Grinder’ to Google Play

Kongregate and Divine Games Bring ‘Realm Grinder’ to Google Play

Jan 25, 2017

Gaming mega house Kongregate has a new game on Google Play called Realm Grinder.

The new release derives from a popular flash game, and the current iteration on Android is the fruit of collaborative work with developer Divine Games.

Realm Grinder features fun and easy to pick up gameplay. Players start building their empire by choosing between Good & Evil. Each option unlocks unique buildings, upgrades and achievements based on becoming a benevolent ruler or a cruel tyrant. Further adding depth and strategy to the game are the many alliances you can choose, from fairies and elves to goblins and demons. Each faction offers its own distinct play style.

The game is available for free (with in-app purchase opportunities).

Creature Quest Launches on Android

Creature Quest Launches on Android

Jan 25, 2017

VC Mobile Entertainment has a new game on Android — Creature Quest — and it can be had on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It comes to mobile courtesy of award-winning game designer Jon Van Caneghem.

This one is a strategy RPG, and involves fantasy creatures, dungeons, magic and quests.

Here are the features:

• EXPLORE adventurous Quests and overcome obstacles to discover treasure
• COLLECT and upgrade over 500 adventure seeking fantasy monsters and Creatures
• BATTLES are strategic and addicting as you wield powerful abilities and magic in PvE
• BUILD your own dungeon and earn great rewards by defeating your rivals in PvP
• GUILDS provide unique PvP awards and let you chat with Guild mates
• DAILY EVENTS include new Quests, Rewards, Challenges, and Creatures
• GREAT for new or experienced RPG players; for minutes or for hours; for fun or competitively

Van Caneghem mentions the passion behind the game. “For Creature Quest, we assembled top veteran game developers to create a game that brings a new level of depth and strategy to mobile devices,” he says. “This is immediately apparent from the ever-changing Quest maps, hundreds of unique Creatures, high-quality artwork, ongoing events, content and feature releases, and more. The entire team has incredible passion for Creature Quest, and we are very excited to finally share the game with the world.”

Creature Quest is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Check out the trailer below.