Narcos: Cartel Wars Review

Narcos: Cartel Wars Review

Oct 14, 2016

How many of you, when you were sat there watching the critically acclaimed Netflix series Narcos, thought to yourself ‘this show would totally work as a Clash of Clans clone?’ I would have guessed the precisely 0 people thought this. I would have guessed wrong.

This is because Narcos: Cartel Wars is exactly that. Someone thought this would be a good idea, someone got a development team together and someone made this game. In fairness, it’s a pretty solid Clash of Clans clone but also in fairness, do we actually need another Clash of Clans clone?unnamed-2

You start off with a base and it’s up to you to build up your compound say that it eventually contains more buildings that make you more money. It’s not all about the money though. This is a game called Narcos after all, so you need to make sure you’re making plenty of ‘product’ too. Once you’ve made enough ‘product’ you can then ship it off and a real-world timer ticks down whilst your plane sets off to distribute your ‘product’.

The Clash of Clans comparisons continue in every aspect of base building, with ‘builders huts’ being premium items and three currencies all being involved in the expansion of your base. Just like Clans you need to place mines, watchtowers and other defences so that you and your base stay safe whilst your not playing.

Straying away from the clans formula is the way that you fight. To start with, you have one transport boat. Each transport boat has a ‘Sicario’ who is assigned to it and each ‘Sicario’ has their own unique troops and you should be able to guess at how the troops operate. Quick but weak gunners, slow but strong grenadiers, etc.

This is now the part of the review where, ideally, I’d talk about more of the unique features of Narcos: Cartel Wars. This is where, Ideally, I’d reveal a special mechanic that allows you, the reader, to forgive the game for its blatant emulating of an already established mobile game. This, sadly, is not an ideal situation.

Narcos: Cartel Wars does absolutely the bare minimum to make it unique. This game essentially is Clash of Clans but with a new lick of paint. Why that lick of paint is a critically acclaimed drama, I have absolutely no idea. This is about as fitting a tribute to Narcos as Candy Crush is to Downton Abbey.

I’m not saying Narcos: Cartel Wars is bad but what I am saying is that its design is lazy. This game, this EXACT game has been made dozens of times before and this whole title seems like a cynical cash-in on a popular TV show by simply remaking a popular mobile game.

It’s fine but it’s been done before. It’s been done many, many times before.

Stellacept Online Gets Update

Stellacept Online Gets Update

Oct 13, 2016

Uniquely named RPG thriller [SF]Stellacept Online[MMORPG] is getting a good-sized content update.

The details, per the press release, revolve aroumd a whole new mission:

Plenty of new weapons and a new mission have been added with this update.
The mission is a time attack called [Tensa Mayor Evolution] and which takes place on the special planet Capitata.
The monsters of this mission have some unique attack patterns.
The rewards are random items as well as exclusive creation materials.
Aim for the best time by cooperating with your friends and guild member.
Moreover, higher types of weapons have been implemented to defeat these new monsters.
This update will make your character stronger!

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Nitro Nation Online Revs Up New Content via Update

Nitro Nation Online Revs Up New Content via Update

Oct 13, 2016

Creative Mobile’s Nitro Nation Online is unveiling a new update that is available now.

This update brings a lot of new stuff… and we do mean a lot. We’re alking about new kits, new cars, a new driver, a new race track and more.

The game also has a new menu design, and Toyo Tires shows as a new event sponsor.

“The new lobby is fast,” says Lead Game Designer Ilia Mikailov. “The flat design gives quick and simple access to the main game options. We designed the new framework to be agile, so that we can continue adding new UI features in the future.”

For more update details, check out the Google Play changelog while downloading/updating.

Nitro Nation Online remains free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.


Metal Shooter Review

Metal Shooter Review

Oct 13, 2016

Every now and then, it’s okay — no, its necessary — to dabble in something that takes you back. You know, a retro-ish game. Say, like Metal Shooter.

This one is fairly intuitive. Our Rambo-ish champion looks to be guided from left to right, but to do so, he has to overcome a bunch of enemy commandos in various manifestations. Our guy is primarily armed with a gun, and is capable of a melee attacks.

The playing area defines the gameplay. It works in landscape orientation, in 2D, and as such, really evokes an old school feel. The graphics are rich, the terrain distinctly military, and the sounds help complete the arcade presentation.

The playing area is also platformed, such that the player might need to move a level or two to navigate or move on.

The control system involves a multi-faceted joystick nestled on the one side, and a set of attack/weapon buttons on the other. The joystick allows one to control the height of the weapon bursts, as well as the direction of the movement of the controlled character.


The gameplay isn’t hard to comprehend. As mentioned earlier, one has to navigate enemies and platforms, and these enemies can shoot back. There are “regular” obstacles too, and one has to avoid being killed while taking them out and moving on. There are bosses, and the terrain and enemies get crafter the further one gets into the game.

All in all, it comes together well. I like the continuous action, and it has a comfortable feel. The joystick was a bit of a letdown i think, as i feel a few more actions could have been derived from it.

Still, Metal Shooter does a good job of bringing together several gameplay elements; as a platformer, it does well, and the added pieces — like the battling — make it that more interesting.

Mafia III: Rivals Arrives on Google Play

Mafia III: Rivals Arrives on Google Play

Oct 7, 2016

Gangster wanna-be mobile players, take heed! Mafia III: Rivals is out on Google Play.

This game, based on the Hangar 13 PC game, takes one to New Bordeaux. As the title suggests, the main goal is to build the strongest, most profitable crime family around.

Of course, easier said than done; one has to take on rival crews, and it takes more than a little of a hard hand to acquire weapons, property and other things that help the player gain power.

One can recruit bosses as well. Players can take on other players worldwide, and there are leaderboards for those into rankings and bragging rights.

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Tricky Test 2 Gets Content Update

Tricky Test 2 Gets Content Update

Oct 5, 2016

We were fairly taken with Tricky Test 2: Think Outside when we took it for a spin, so much so that our main complaint was that we wanted more.

As promised, developer Orangenose Studio has re-stocked the app with a desirable update that rolled our recently.

And what can fans expect from said update? When we reviewed it, the game had 60-some mind-bending puzzles. Now, per the presser, more questions and a new mode:

1. 20+ cunning questions (total of 80 levels): much more fun awaited! Players need to think about more creative ways to interact with their phones to solve the ultimate mysteries!

2. New “Question mode”: Players can now test their friend by using this mode! They can choose a stage they have passed and use it to trick their friends any time!

Sounds like fun!

Tricky Test 2 remains available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on Google Play.


[Our Tricky Test 2 Review]

Brain Teasing Game ‘Zenologic’ Launches on Google Play

Brain Teasing Game ‘Zenologic’ Launches on Google Play

Oct 5, 2016

Zenologic: Connect the dots, a game from Codedge, recently made it to the Play Store.

This is one is all about logic: one gets challenging mind benders based on the familiar element of connecting dots by finger gestures. The aesthetic is designed to be easy on the eyes, and it also packs three gameplay modes: Classic, Daily and Free Play.

The Classic mode currently boasts 100 levels, and the Daily mode changes, well, daily. Success in both levels is based on a limited amount of moves.

Free Play is the newest level, and involves randomly generated content.

Zenologic is free; the developer welcomes donations.

Enjoy the trailer below:

Micro Machines Comes to Android

Micro Machines Comes to Android

Sep 27, 2016

A blast from the past…

Micro Machines has new life… on Android via Google Play courtesy of entrenched mobile developer Chillingo.

Micro Machines pays tribute to the original toy-based series with a miniature multiplayer combat adventure with a lot of fun features. The best news is that Codemasters, creators of the original, are still front and center in this port.

Four players can play, and there are several tracks with different locations players can pick from. There are literally dozens of vehicles, and just as many weapons to choose from. G.I. Joe is represented in vehicular fashion — Cobra RAGE… Hello! — and even NERF blasters to procure.

One choose from a host of small-scale vehicle types: emergency vehicles, SUVs… even hovercraft.

Leaderboards, events, battle arenas. Check, check and CHECK.

All this goodness is available for free (plus optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store. Check out the trailer:

Looty Dungeon Launches on Google Play

Looty Dungeon Launches on Google Play

Sep 27, 2016

It’s here!!!

The previously announced Looty Dungeon has been on our minds for a while, and now, it’s live on Google Play courtesy of Yodo1 and Taco Illuminati.

In this dungeon crawler, one gets the full monty: traps, goodies, bosses and scores of different heroes — just what one would want in this type of game. It has time trials, encouraging the player to get from point A to B as quickly as possible to continue.

Different hero characters have different abilities, and one might even find a familiar character from other Yodo1 stablemates.

Yodo1 chief Henry Fong wants to keep Android gamers well occupied. “Looty Dungeon takes what dungeon crawler fans love and spins it into something fun and accessible to everyone,” said he says. “Deadly traps, vicious monsters, multiple character classes and tons of loot – it’s all here and it’s going to keep Android gamers busy for hours.”

Looty Dungeon is available for free (with optional in-app purchases); check out the trailer below.

[via Looty Dungeon press release]

MARVEL Future Fight Update Brings Daredevil-Themed Content

MARVEL Future Fight Update Brings Daredevil-Themed Content

Sep 23, 2016

Netmarble’s popular superhero-laden mobile RPG MARVEL Future Fight is receiving an update, and with said update — dubbed “Shadowland” — players get new characters and modes.

Prominent among the new characters is the iconic Daredevil. Also added are cloning/Kung Fu maestro Shang-Chi, a master of Kung Fu and physically enhanced detective Misty Knight.

The game developer promises that the Shadowland event calls to bear one of the most difficult combat modes the game has ever seen. We also hear that Daredevil might take an unexpected, boss-like role.

The new build also adds what is described as a “tower-type” challenge mode; here, players take on waves of increasingly more capable enemies while making way to the top of the building.

Then there are new uniforms, new cards, updates to the Alliance Tournament… and a bunch more.

Netmarble’s marketing chief Seungwon Lee hopes the update is well received. “We hope that Shadowland, based on a much beloved storyline in the Marvel Universe, will be greeted by the MARVEL Future Fight fans who’ve waited for more powerful bosses and the content to perform at peak,” he says. “We are always striving to create exciting and authentic content that will attract a broader array of Marvel fans to the game while keeping existing players engaged and happy.”

The update is available now; MARVEL Future Fight is free (with optional in-app purchases).


Zombie Derby 2 Brings Waves of the Undead to Android

Zombie Derby 2 Brings Waves of the Undead to Android

Sep 22, 2016

Get ’em!

Time comes and goes, kingdoms rise and wane, and one thing remains the same: we can never get enough of zombies. As such, it feels like good news that Android developer HeroCraft has just launched Zombie Derby 2 on Google Play.

If the game looks familiar, it’s probably because it is based off of a popular arcade game. The game sports upgradable vehicles, guns, multiple modes and gritty 3D graphics that underscore the post-apocalyptic time frame. The vehicles have a Mad Max-ish feel to them, and there is plenty of gory splashing to go around, as well as hilly jumps to traverse.

Oh yeah, and all the zombies a gamer could ever want.

The game is free to download now, and there are in-app purchase opportunities for those truly looking to get immersed.

Happy hunting! Enjoy the launch trailer below:

New Game ‘Submarine Dash’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Submarine Dash’ Launches on Google Play

Sep 8, 2016

Verusoft’s newest entry Submarine Dash is now available for our downloading pleasure on the Play Store; this one is an engaging underwater runner with cutesy graphics rendered in 3D.

And here are the game details (per its page):

Nobody knows how many ships didn’t swim to their hardboards. How many ships sunk in the wild water. And nobody knows what treasures these ships had on the board. Now you have a great opportunity to explore this deep water and find the lost treasure scattered on the sea bottom. Choose one of many little submarines adjusted for collecting treasures from the ocean and start your journey. However, be careful because the ocean is not the safest place on earth, especially for a small submarine. There is a lot of danger all around from sharp reefs and forgotten underwater mines to big creatures defending their territory. But the rewards are worth it. When you have sufficient amount of collected coins and gems, You can use it to improve your submarine and unlock new sea areas.


★ Endless fun
★ Amazing Powerups
★ Incredible Locations
★ Multiple Submarines
★ Funny Skins
★ Epic Boss Fights

The game is free, and has optional in-app purchase opportunities. The trailer is below: