Koukoi’s Crashing Season Receives “The Awesome Update”

Koukoi’s Crashing Season Receives “The Awesome Update”

Sep 6, 2016

Crashing Season is picking up an update that is rolling out now.

Details from the press release:

Crashing Season by Koukoi Games has just received its first major update. Called “The
Awesome Update”, it adds new features such as the ability to continue your current run after a defeat, a
new way to progress in the game, and the possibility to upgrade the playable characters. The update also
adds two new Epic Characters that can be used in any map after unlocking them, as well as names and
a back-story for all the animals, which will also explain the reason behind the animals’ rebellion in
Crashing Season.

Per Google Play:


Here’s the “Awesome Update”!
What’s new:
2 Epic Characters: Dragon Smoggy & Psychic Alien Cthulbert
A new way to progress in the game
Continue your run after failing!
Upgrade characters to crash even harder
New UI
New enemy: Slimy clones! Destroy “geneblenders” to stop these nasties!
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The animals now have names & stories! Press the book button in a character’s selection view to read their stories and the story behind Crashing Season!

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the update trailer below:

[via Koukoi Press Release]