TravelPop Comes to Android

TravelPop Comes to Android

Nov 6, 2014

TravelPop, the hit travel/trivia quiz game from NY-based development house FreshPlanet, is now available for Android devices via the Play Store.

From the press release:

Are you a world trivia master? TravelPop puts your knowledge to the test with hundreds of quizzes featuring over 30,000 beautiful photos. Quiz yourself on food, landmarks, culture, inventions, and more from 13 countries including China, Brazil, Australia, and Canada.

As each photo pops up, quickly swipe or tap to answer. Answer quickly and correctly to win coins, level up, and unlock souvenirs (achievements). Challenge your Facebook friends or match up with random opponents around the world!

TravelPop brings the quiz gameplay perfected in SongPop to a whole new audience. Learn more about the photos featured in the game with Wikipedia integration, and share your favorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Key Features:

– 30,000 iconic photos spanning over 140 categories.

– Quizzes from several of cities and countries including USA, Japan, Italy, Mexico, and more.

– Available in 13 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and English).

– Dozens of souvenirs (achievements) to unlock by completing challenges.

– Connect with friends via Facebook or play against random players worldwide.

TravelPop is free (with in-app purchasing).

[Source: FreshPlanet Press Release]

BoxPop Makes Its Way to Android

BoxPop Makes Its Way to Android

Oct 9, 2014

BoxPop, one of the addictive games from FreshPlanet, can now be enjoyed by Android users that have access to the Google Play Store.

Yep… it has come to Android!

BoxPop has over 300,000 users worldwide and was featured globally on the App Store last month. We are excited to bring this hit game to Android users.

BoxPop is simple: pop boxes in L-shaped paths, like the knight in chess, and see if you can pop all the boxes in each grid. Sounds easy, but with each pop you have fewer boxes to choose from! Can you find the right path and earn three stars?

Discover dozens of challenging puzzles, each adding new mind-bending shapes such as elephants, VHS tapes, castles, and more. Earn stars on each level to unlock larger grids and more challenging puzzles.

Additional Features:

– Over 40 levels and 8 grid sizes, with more on the way.

– Track your friends and earn achievements with Google Play.

– Minimalist graphic design.

– Beautiful music and sound effects.

– A modern reimagining of the classic Knight’s Tour, one of the oldest chess puzzles around.

BoxPop is free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.