Friday Free App Rundown January 18 – Frog Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 18 – Frog Games

Jan 18, 2013

Cartoon frogs are cute little things. Even from way back in the day when Frogger was popular, people really liked playing frog games. Having better graphics, the frogs got cuter and more fun over time. The list below is several different types of games involving frogs. They range anywhere from frog adaptations of other games to brain teasers to having them as pets.

Angry Frogs

Angry Frogs is a reptile adaptation of Angry Birds. The premise of the games really the same except for shooting frogs from a slingshot instead of birds. Instead of those ugly noisy mean pigs, there are snakes. They kinda look like cobras. Take a little time and master the art of flinging frogs through the air.

Download Angry Frogs

Pocket Frogs

Ever had a pet frog in a jar? Well this is a much more humane way to have pet frogs. Unlike real pets, making these frogs race for rewards is not an underground sport. Tons of different frogs and habitats are available for purchase. Some the habitats can be a little more expensive but well worth the purchase.

Download Pocket Frogs

Frog Race 3D

Frauds running across the road trying to survive is a classic theme for games with amphibious creatures. This is a lot like the classic Atari game Frogger but it’s hard to die and the levels are not a single highway. The levels are actually extremely long. What’s cool about Frog Race 3D is there can be up to three players on a single device.

Download Frog Race 3D

Frog Toss!

Frog Toss! is almost like a carnival game. The goal is to aim the frog and hit the lily pad. Certainly lily pads have different rewards on the. Frog Toss! is a bit harder than it looks. him and him upgrades and obstacles make the game a lot more fun than what you play at the fair.

Download Frog Toss!

Frog Jump in Maze

Help the overly anxious and smiley frog gets the worm. This is more of a puzzle game than others on the list. It will take a little bit of brain power to help this little guy get to the end of the maze. It can get pretty difficult.

Download Frog Jump in Maze

Friday Free App Rundown November 30 – Rope Games

Friday Free App Rundown November 30 – Rope Games

Nov 30, 2012

A rope is a simple thing yet has so many uses. This week’s pack of games all involve ropes. Some of the games in the list are about using the rope to swing while others use the rope to solve a puzzle. All of them are just plain fun.

Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk (Free)

Rope’n’Fly is a high flying game where the character swings from building to building, Spiderman style. After customizing the character and rope it’s time to get to swingin’. The gameplay physics are pretty good. When the little swinger falls or is flying through the air, there’s a cool ragdoll effect. To break up the building to building swings, the little man can also swing from balloons and passing planes.

Download Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk (Free)

Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a cute and fun physics-based game. In a similar way to its predecessor, cutting the ropes at the perfect time is the method to solve the puzzle. Help the cute little guy get from start to finish in the allotted time. Like most physics games, timing is essential.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE

Rope Rescue Free

Rope Rescue Free is a different kind of puzzle game than I’ve seen before. The little bird takes the rope and flies it around the gears then to the birdcage. The goal of the game is to free the little guys friend from the bird cages. Avoid the dangers by maneuvering the little bird around what looked to be razor blades floating in mid-air and other obstacles.

Download Rope Rescue Free

Rope Escape

The little guy in Rope Escape is swinging for his life. He stole an sacred artifact from some natives in the jungle and is trying to escape a swinging through the trees. Use ropes the rockets are just a from being caught. Latch onto a zeppelin and drag it down out of the sky for higher scores.

Download Rope Escape

Rope the Frog

The rope in Rope the Frog isn’t really a rope, it’s actually the frogs tongue. Use the tongue to swing around and eat all the mosquitoes. The more mosquitoes are eaten, the fatter the frog gets. The fatter the frog gets, the more mosquitoes can be eaten. Also, as the frog gets better at swinging around, his tongue changes to different colors. Kind of like karate belt, , his tongue changes from white to black with several other colors in between.

Download Rope the Frog

Ancient Frog Review

Ancient Frog Review

Apr 25, 2011

Ancient Frog is one of those games I’m always looking forward to discovering, as a reviewer. As much as I love shooters and action games, I can’t help my craving for the more artsy/outsider style of games. It’s such a unique experience that, at times, doesn’t even really feel like a game.

There are no “lives,” no time limit or leader board to compete with. You’re playing as a frog, trying to climb your way to a tasty fly in as few moves as possible with the goal of coming in “under par.” But rather than manipulate a directional pad or other such control scheme, you’re moving the frog’s limbs, one at a time.

Some levels of Ancient Frog are so easy that it feels like you’re hardly trying at all. Then, it gets hard. Like, we’re talking QWOP-level difficulty. Even with the built-in hints feature giving you some idea of where the frog needs to be to advance, just getting it into that position can be mind-bending.

What makes the game so difficult is that you have to take into account the physical limitations of the frogs and that the footholds are set in specific locations. You can’t just stretch a leg or bend a joint in a direction it won’t go, and if the only way to go up is to rotate 180 degrees and climb upside down, that’s just how you’ll have to do it. Half the battle is figuring out which limb to place first, as you can find yourself without a solution right from the very first, wrong step. Thankfully, swiping the screen to the left provides a convenient “undo” function.

The graphics are breathtaking, featuring fluid animation and photo-realistic environments. Granted, there’s not a lot going on — a 3D frog model, a buzzing fly, some dew drops or other object to climb on and a picture of a leaf, lilly pad or tree trunk to provide the background. Even so, the texture work and special effects are simply phenomenal.

The only problem I had with the graphics was on the tree trunk levels, where it can be extremely difficult to see each foothold. Thankfully, the game highlights any foothold you can reach when you select a limb, but it makes planning each move in advance very strenuous. I couldn’t wait to pass these levels.

In the end, we’re left with an extremely unique puzzle game with stunning graphics and a zen-like experience. The world just melts away as you become engrossed with solving each one. What’s even more interesting is that I actually found myself thinking like a rock climber, relying on what little experience I’ve had from the few times I’ve climbed artificial rock faces. You can’t actually fall in the game, but you have to plan out each movement or risk getting stuck. It can be very frustrating.

All in all, Ancient Frog is just a great little game that I’ve become extremely enamored with. I’m glad I got to play it.