Letters From Nowhere 2 Goes Free for Limited Time

Letters From Nowhere 2 Goes Free for Limited Time

Aug 26, 2014

Prolific Android development house G5 is in a generous mood yet again, and this time, it is offering Letters from Nowhere 2 for free… for a limited time.

The title is the sequel to Letters from Nowhere (which we had a chance to review earlier this year); this one is also a hidden object/puzzle adventure game.

From the G5 press release:

It’s time get excited for the school season to resume with an incredible giveaway from G5! Stating August 25th through August 31st, Letters from Nowhere 2 (Full) goes FREE on iOS, Google Play and Kindle Fire. Continue Audrey’s adventure in this thrilling and spooky sequel to the beloved hidden object puzzle game without spending a dime!

In this bewitching investigation, you are tasked with solving a disappearance of Audrey’s husband, a mystery that has perplexed the police. Featuring eye-catching locations, absorbing puzzles and an evolving storyline, Letters from Nowhere 2 wins the hearts of players and critics alike.

Audrey collected all the letters with the help of the dead postman, hoping they would lead her to Patrick, her missing husband. Instead, she is taken to a mysterious sleepy town. In Letters from Nowhere 2, our brave heroine discovers that her husband is a descendant of a cursed family, and is doomed to death. Now it’s up to her to confront the evil that haunts her beloved and prevent a series of grisly murders. Travel to the town of Nowhere and search for clues to remove the terrifying curse in this thrilling and spooky sequel! Search through over 30 cryptic locations including the sinister mansion and a bloody sacrifice room for important artifacts. Play mini-games, collect all the pages of a missing diary, and save Patrick before it’s too late!

Key Features:

50 Stunning locations
11 Adventurous settings
11 Mini-games
4 Useful search powers
2 Bonus play modes – Unlimited and Puzzles

The game trailer is below.