Humble Bundle with Android 6 Now Available With Multiple Android Debuts

Humble Bundle with Android 6 Now Available With Multiple Android Debuts

Jun 18, 2013

Humble is back with another bundle featuring a variety of Android games, with the Humble Bundle with Android 6.

This is actually the 7th mainline bundle to feature Android games, though like the other “for/with Android” bundles, this features PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the games along with the Android versions. There’s a variety of previously-released games along with some titles making their Android debuts.

Aquaria: This open-world undersea adventure game is making its Android debut. Players control the mermaid Naija as she tries to recover her memory. This one is on Android after a long while: the original game released on PC in 2007, winning the Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival, and after an iPad release in 2011.


Fractal: Cipher Prime’s puzzle game makes its Android debut as well. This music-based game has players making chains and working with pieces while the music beats away at 130 BPM. Cipher Prime is responsible as well for Auditorium and Pulse, the latter of which is also part of this bundle as an Android exclusive.

Frozen Synapse: The previous two games are making their Android debuts, this is actually making its pre-release debut. The turn-based strategy game features a unique movement and action assignment system that makes it easy to assign one’s squad accurate actions. All this comes in a unique visual style. The game is in a ‘late beta’ state that may not work perfectly on all devices until it’s finished. Frozen Synapse is optimized for tablets.


Organ Trail: Director’s Cut: Die of dysentery or having your brains munched on by the living dead in this take on zombie-filled take on Oregon Trail by Chicago-based The Men Who Wear Many Hats.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe: This 2D stealth game, making its Android debut, has players trying to sneak through 80 levels of traps dessigned to catch players. Become the unseen!

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut: This classic point-and-click adventure game makes its way to Android, expanding on the acclaimed gameplay of the original.

The bundle includes DRM-free downloads of all the games for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. As well, the soundtracks are included for all the games! The bundle is available through July 1st.