Fruit Rocks Review

Fruit Rocks Review

Oct 29, 2012

Physics-based games are, in my opinion some of the most fun and challenging games out there. While most of the time physics-based games look easy at first, they usually get pretty hard really fast. Fruit Rocks is no different.

The game begins with fruit on trees and aliens on the ground. The goal is to hit the aliens with the apples. To shoot an apple at the purple alien, touch and pull back on the fruit, aim and let go Angry Bird style. A dotted line will appear to show the path of the soon to be tossed fruit. The screen is constantly scrolling. The farther the tree holding the fruit gets to the left, the less distance the fruit will fly toward the alien.

As the game moves on, rocks can be seen swinging from balloons in the sky. Slash the string holding the rock to hit the enemy on the ground. The is where a lot of the physics comes in. Some of the enemies are hiding behind barricades of wood. Using the fruit or rocks to hit the barricades will do two things; knock down the barricades and hurt the alien. Only 6 of the enemies can be missed before the level must be abandoned and started over. Some of the enemies take more than one off centered hit to be killed so accuracy is really key.

A few other things are placed in the game to help win the levels. In the sky, look for clouds to rain down fruit on the aliens. Also, tapping the ground near the enemy will make a small explosion. Use this to make the enemy walk in a desired direction.

The controls are pretty simple but slashing the string of the swinging rock at just the ring time can be challenging. The swings are pretty rhythmic, but the combination of the moving screen, the walking target and the swinging rock make for a difficult time. Take some time and walk through the tutorial at the beginning of the game right after the intro story.The tutorial will show how the game works and run through all of the motions needed.

Friday Free Game Rundown October 19th – Kids Games

Friday Free Game Rundown October 19th – Kids Games

Oct 19, 2012

Kids are not so easily entertained these days. They feel the need to have 65 different games just in case they have the urge to play one. To help the indecisive youth of today, the list below is a range of games kids could play to occupy their time. Some of the games are brain teasers while others are just for entertainment.

Flow Free

Flow Free looks like a simple game. It’s not easy after a few levels though. I looked at it initially and thought it would be a game for smaller children. I was pretty wrong. As the game progresses, the levels become more of a puzzle. Not letting the lines touch is harder than it looks. It’s like Tron without the light cycles.

Download Flow Free

Fruit Ninja Free

Even though a game is fun, it can be a game to improve a child without them even knowing it. Fruit Ninja Free is a game to surely improve hand eye coordination a long with quick decision making. Having fruit tossed in the air, a fast decision needs to be made in order to slice all of the fruit to get the combo bonus. When obstacles are thrown into the mix, a quick eye is needed in order to get the fruit and avoid the bad stuff.

Download Fruit Ninja Free

Coin Dozer

Whenever I am at an arcade or a fair, I love to play games like Coin Dozer . The goal is to get as many coins and prizes to drop within the time period. One little shift in the coins can create a windfall or heartbreak. Coin games like this are somewhat guided by luck, but super addictive to play.

Download Coin Dozer


If a kid grows up and doesn’t know the most basic card game known to every person with a Windows computer, that child was not raised well. ;-) Solitaire is a game of luck and strategy. Many variations are out there, but like any other game, learning the base game will make the other variations much more fun.

Download Solitaire


I’m not sure what makes hamburgers so interesting. Several games and even television shows have been made with hamburgers being an important theme. Burger is a game about a hamburger shop. Career mode is about making the best burger. Find the best ingredients and make it fast. Simple, fun and makes me hungry for a cheeseburger hot off the grill.

Download Burger

Friday Free Game Rundown August 31

Friday Free Game Rundown August 31

Aug 31, 2012

3D gaming is not quite to the level we thought it would be in the 21st century. I mean, look at all the old TV shows talking about all kinds of fantastic technology we would have in our homes. Sure, some of it is real, but not quite there on our mobile devices. That being said, here is a list of some fun games labeled as 3D. What 3D games currently consist of is not simply moving from side to side. There is an option to move in any direction.

Smash Fruit 3D

Ever have a bad day and think it could all go away by smashing something? Me too. Smash Fruit 3D is the cure for a bad day. Using a quick finger swipe will throw a rock ar various fruits. When hit, the fruit explode like they are hit with a sledge hammer.

Download Smash Fruit 3D

aTilt 3D Labyrinth

Back in the day there was a wooden version of this game. The wooden tilting maze was a pretty difficult child’s toy. Imagine the digital version. Multiple levels getting progressively more difficult. Remember it’s just a game, don’t get mad and throw the phone at the wall in anger.

Download aTilt 3D Labyrinth

Babel Rising 3D

Have a God complex? Well Babel Rising 3D is the battle of God getting back at the ungrateful humans. Use the power of nature to put the fear of God into them again. (Pun intended.) The cocky humans are building a tower to get closer to heaven. I’m not sure why they are making a tower, everyone knows the way to heaven is a stairway. Anyway, be a vengeful God and show them who’s the creator.

Download Babel Rising 3D

Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC

Using either an on-screen joystick or the gyro in the phone or tablet to fly the little RC Helicopter from point A to point B. Like piloting a real chopper, controlling the lift is also important when flying around the courses. The courses become more difficult. Obstacles like walls and moving landing pads are added into the mix.

Download Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC

Light Racer 3D

Just like the light bikes in Tron. Pretty bad-ass game actually. Race against another bike. When the bikes are driving around on the grid, they leave a light wall behind them. As the race progresses,the grid is more and more full leaving less room to maneuver. Good luck!

Download Light Racer 3D

Fruit Roll Review

Fruit Roll Review

Nov 30, 2011

I love a game that has instructions in the title. Fruit Roll is a game wherein you are a piece of fruit, rolling along. As you go you collect stars and roll over opponents. It’s fantastically straight-forward – you don’t even control the speed or direction of the rolling. It’s very charming in its simplicity, and another favourite for playing on the bus.

Fruit Roll has no plot, but it really doesn’t need one. As mentioned, you play as a piece of fruit, and each stage begins with you rolling across the screen. You cannot stop rolling, but you are able to jump. Jumping allows you to target and collect stars along the path. There are various other (non-sentient) fruit along the path and collecting them has benefits. There are different obstacles/enemies along the way, and the type of fruit you are determines whether or not rolling into them will knock them off the screen or cause you to come to a teary-eyed halt. Collecting three fruit of the same kind is a combo and not only will you change into that fruit, but a giant, rampaging version of that fruit. You’ll destroy everything in your path and have a much better shot at grabbing stars since you’re four times your regular size. The combo will run out however and you will return to your original fruit size. Each level becomes more difficult as the incline down which you’re rolling increases and so you roll much faster and with less control over your movements – one wrong jump could send you flying into the hands of an angry monkey and end your turn abruptly.

I really like this game for its lack of story. The fruit does have and needs no motivation to run over the caterpillars and red frogs in its path. Snagging the stars as you fly across the screen is rather addictive, like the coins in Mario, and is motivation enough.

Running into an opponent that you are not classed to knock off screen causes you to “die” and you are back to the first stage with none of your stars to show for it. This is the game’s real weak spot, as the only gameplay mode you begin with is Adventure (continuous play). There is apparently a mini-game mode, but it can only be reached by collecting 10,000 stars. This would happen soon enough if dying didn’t completely erase your store of stars each time. At a certain point this can become frustrating enough that it dampens the enthusiasm needed to keep rolling along. The game is fun, but needs more reasons to keep coming back.