Full Deck Solitaire Review

Full Deck Solitaire Review

Jul 30, 2013

Full Deck Solitaire is a solitaire game that is going to kill you with kindness. Kindness in this case refers to the provision of plenty of different game types.

What sets this one apart is the sheer number of Solitaire variants. I thought I was a connoisseur, but Full Deck Solitaire humbled me a bit. There are dozens of versions available, including Klondike Pick 1, Vegas and a whole lot more that I have never heard of before.

For folks who cut their teeth on the ubiquitous Windows OS versions, the gameplay will be especially familiar. full1Klondike, which is a variant that is/was bundled with Windows, is included in this game, and id perfect for explaining the generalized rules of the game.

Using a shuffled deck of 50 cards (full deck minus jokers) the aim is to complete the four color suit of cards from the Aces to Kings. The “tableau” piles at the botom can be used as holders to assist in moving cards from the bank; cards can be bold down in alternating colors.

The game controls are quite intuitive, even though there is an action or two that didn’t work the way I guessed it would at first. Taps and drags generally control the movement of cards to and fro. The game sports an auto button, which build all build-ables, an undo button which provides infinite fixes, and a hint button, which flashes green when there is a move that can be played. With so many different variations of the game o try, the rules button is especially useful, as it gives a window with a quick summary of the rules that govern the specific type being played.

The game looks comfy, with appropriate background artwork, and the cards themselves are interestingly designed, with a somewhat weathered look about them. The animations are utilitarian, with sparse audio cues and sound effects; I like this, as the effects do not overpower the game itself. The game has incorporated stats and even a count on the draw sack.

Great game, decently presented and packs in so many options. What’s not to love?