KickStarter Spotlight: F.U.M.M.

KickStarter Spotlight: F.U.M.M.

May 29, 2013

Start looking around KickStarter for a while, especially in the smartphone section, and one thing becomes apparent. People are really working hard at making the next great smartphone holder. I could go a long time doing these KickStarter spotlight on different projects that, with varying degrees of adherence, will grip tight to iPhone and Android alike. But, today we have picked out one of the best, and seeing as it is such a popular topic that has been mostly avoided it was due. What I was most looking for was a high degree of flexibility; both in the variety of phones it can hold, and the amount of different positions it can hold said phone. This week our spotlight shines on a simple and incredibly versatile device that goes by the acronym of FUMM. While it probably is not the sexiest product name, it stands for Flexible Universal Mobile Mount, which could not be any more accurate.

The mount looks great; being made of two black pads connected by three hard, malleable tubes. On both ends are two magical silicon nano suction pads that incredibly grip to any flat, clean surface without any adhesive or tricky positioning. This works by using millions of tiny suction cups instead of the typical single, large one. The connecting tubes are designed to hold their shape for an extended period of time and the project’s page details how exacting the developer has been about obtaining the correct product from suppliers.


While I do not regularly use stands like these very often, I very easily could see myself using something like this every day. The FUMM is small enough to be easily stashed away because of it’s incredibly thinness, and it is not out of the question to place it in a back pocket for a while. My experience with those silicon nano suction pads has been hit-or-miss, but as long as the consumer is willing to clean it and keep expectations leveled there is no reason to believe they will be let down. If this product was on the market and I was forced into buying a stand I cannot see any reasons why I would not pick this up. What makes supporting their project even more enticing is that, for a limited time, pre-orders are only going for $30 which is $5 off a very reasonable market price. The FUMM seems to be well on its way to KickStarter success with more than $4,500 raised in just 4 days. As always, this project will only be funded if it is fully funded and with over $30,000 still to go every little bit helps.