TinyCo Announces $5 Million TinyFund for Independent Game Development, Including for Android Games

TinyCo Announces $5 Million TinyFund for Independent Game Development, Including for Android Games

May 31, 2011

TinyCo, a mobile game developer largely known for their free-to-play titles on iOS, have announced the TinyFund, consisting of $5 million that will go toward “game developers creating any type of game played on iPhone, iPad or Android including paid and free titles.” As their blog post about the TinyFund explains, developers who are selected will receive up to $500,000 per title, along with “marketing, development and business support.” They also claim that these games will get “access to TinyCo’s large and rapidly growing user base,” with over 20 million downloads to TinyCo’s credit. Developers can apply now with TinyCo to receive funding for their titles.

While Android development is not the sole focus of the prize, companies that are willing to put money toward the development of more Android games is only good for the Android gaming market. There is a quandary in making games for Android, with a lack of original titles for the platform. A company willing to throw money around to start to make this a realistic possibility is only a good thing, if it can help out those independent developers looking to exploit Android’s growing userbase, but without the resources to undergo potentially risky projects.

Of course, the TinyFund does include iOS as well, so this likely won’t lead to a dozen new original Android games suddenly popping up. However, iOS is a very crowded platform as it is for gaming, and that’s because it can be very lucrative, and Android hasn’t shown to be worth the risk yet. For the sake of the fledgling gaming market on Android, I can only hope that interested Android developers take advantage of the TinyFund’s possiblities, and that TinyCo takes a risk on Android development. While they obviously have people to answer to, having received $18 million in funding earlier this year, the Android gaming nut could definitely be cracked by them if interesting projects are selected.

Source: The Android Site