Tanktastic – 3D Tanks Online Review

Tanktastic – 3D Tanks Online Review

Sep 26, 2013

Porches. Lamborghinis McLarens.

All infinitely cool, but I dare anyone to show me a guy who hasn’t wanted to rock a tank at least once. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

For folks who can’t or won’t do a 4-year bid just to do some infantry driving, Tanktastic is a relatively safe alternative that brings team combat, tactics and good old speed of accurate firing to bear.

Jumping into a random group battle mostly describes the gameplay in all its muscled glory. The task is dropped into a terrain with different types of structured obstacles, and several other manned tanks. It’s a shameless free for all that measures speed, accuracy and cunning. The controls are straightforward, and encourage quick movement and tanks1shooting; I felt most comfortable with dual thumb controls.

It felt like a virtual form of paintball, only this game plays out with heavy machinery. There is a mapping feature that aired a view of my tank in relation to nearby tanks; the home tank is one color, bogeys are a different color. It’s possible to zoom in and swing the turret around, and shooting is effected my tapping the weapon button. After that, the biggest things are moving around and watching one’s six. Special packages (like health bonuses) appear and have to be “run into” with the tank so as to be collected.

Experience and action yields game coinage that can be used to unlock tanks. Beyond the “basic” one at the beginning, there are plenty that have impressive attributes that can be purchased. Without real cash, it seems like it does take a while to garner enough game cash “naturally.”

My biggest gripe has to do with the playability. The direction control acted a bit iffy, which is not optimal when an enemy combatant is bearing down on the tank. I found it to easier to keep my left thumb pressed down on the direction toggle permanently.

All in all, the multiplayer functionality makes this one a winner. I like that you can play with friends, or play randomly with built-in text chat.

And I get to drive a tank.