Arcane Empires Review

Arcane Empires Review

Oct 3, 2012

Arcane Empires is a cool knight and wizard time period game. In this era, magic and wars were everywhere. Empires were conquering the world and making slaves out of everyone they conquered. The problem is, when the rule of the empire weakened, the slaves took back their land. This is how Arcane Empires begins.

A small village with few resources stands in an area where the Korassian Empire once ruled. Now, it is time for the people to fight for what’s theirs and it make it self sustainable again. Follow the missions to build buildings learn new magic and work the crops. The game requires a network connection to play because this game can be a collaborative effort. Create alliances with other cities and plan a strategy with other players online.

Arcane Empires is a pretty involved game. A lot of strategy is needed to take care of the village’s everyday needs and train an army to defend the Village. While all of this is going on, a forward thinking strategy and alliances need to be made to be able to expand a growing empire.

Starting out, Arcane Empires takes a bit of getting used to. Not because it’s difficult, more because it’s a kind of complicated to play. Things are not labeled as well as they should be and in the beginning navigating the menus can be pretty confusing. Definitely take the time to go through the initial tutorial and pay attention through all the steps. The tutorial walks through the first two or three missions and shows the different screens, how to build buildings and research magic. After playing it for a little bit the game does get easier to navigate.

Also in the beginning, there are certain beginner benefits. Some of the benefits are well under the beginner’s protection as they call it there are no attacks against the village and the village cannot attack anyone. Another benefit is there’s a discounted price on purchasing goals through the in app purchasing section. Yes you can purchase in game goals with real-world money.

After playing Arcane Empires for a little bit, it is pretty addictive. Keeping up on the upgrades for buildings building and training the villages Army and taking over other lands can be quite time-consuming.