Game of Thrones Review

Game of Thrones Review

Mar 27, 2015

Telltale Games? Game of Thrones six-part game? Bring it on.

The game story picks up right before the infamous Red Wedding (and if you haven’t seen the gory spectacle, you might want to, if only to watch the interesting reaction videos that spawned on YouTube). The game focuses on the adventures of House Forrester, which most show fans may not recognize, as it’s a minor House with Northern allegiances. The decimation that occurs in the Red Wedding put House Forrester in a precarious situation that frames the gameplay.

In this game, we get to roam and alternate in the person of three characters. While the core Houses of the actua franchise are not the main ones here, we do get to enjoy cameos in action and voice. The narrative is fairly involved, and one might be forgiven for getting lost in the opening interactions. Thankfully, as the action starts, it gets busy enough. The game employ some Choose Your Own Adventure elements via the use of multiple choice dialogue boxes; picking any one choice affects upcoming action. It also incorporates a control mechanism that affects the game within the action; for example, swiping up can be the difference between raising a held shield or getting perforated by arrows. When such action symbols occur, one has to react quickly or suffer a (usually) painful ending.


It must be said, it isn’t a game for the faint of heart… or ears or eyes, for that matter. The language is raw in parts, and there is a lot of involuntary loss of body fluids of the red variety. The artwork pays direct ode to the Game of Thrones universe, and having a preexisting affinity for the show definitely helps with enjoyment of the game. The dark themes fit perfectly, and the way the game moves on just makes sense. It helps that mistakes are forgiven with the automatic checkpointing.

As noted, the game is a six-part series, with subsequent ones (3-6) on the way. The first gets one’s feet wet, and the rest are available via in-app purchases.

It is a fun game, and one that can probably be played more than once. The best part? one need not necessarily be a fan of the show to enjoy the game.

But yes, as we said… it helps.

A World of Ice and Fire Demystifies the Game of Thrones Books

Winter is coming, by which I mean season 3 of Game of Thrones, the world’s favorite way to watch the foibles and follies (mostly violent ones) of the seven houses of Westeros and also to see Peter Dinklage be awesome. The TV series has also raised interest in the books, and publisher Random House has released an official app approved by and made in conjunction with George R.R. Martin for the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, entitled A World of Ice and Fire. That’s the ‘official’ name for the series, “Game of Thrones” being the name of the first book that HBO uses for the TV show.

With all the characters and events to keep track of across Westeros, this app will be a great help. It contains biographic info on all the characters, information on all the locations. InfoPacks for each book in the series that unlock more info can be bought as an in-app purchase. If you want to get ahead of the game with information, use the spoiler slider to see what you aren’t supposed to know yet. The core app can be downloaded for free from Google Play which is cheaper than what the Iron Throne costs.