Monster Shooter 2 Review

Monster Shooter 2 Review

Aug 7, 2013

Yep, DumDum is back… and, he is all about saving the earth in the shooter better known as Monster Shooter 2.

It has the requisite dual control system generally seen in this type of game, and that is ALWAYS welcome.I liked the whimsical nature of the game, especially as reflected in the graphics. The characters looked lively, and this is a testament to the game’s artwork. This genre lives and dies by the animations, and this game does feel alive. The firing protagonist moves as naturally as a monster can be expected to, and so do the waves of baddies. The background uses color effectively too.monster1

The gameplay is quick and furious, with the game employing waves of different type of monsters to keep players on their toes. The monsters pop out all around the place, which is why the controls for the game are especially important. The leftmost button handles movement, while the right button controls. The built-in tutorial is great; it does throw a lot of information at you, but it is done in a visual way that makes it easy to pick up. It explains the gameplay and the upgrade system. In short, move, shoot and don’t get corned. Rinse and repeat till the waves are vanquished.

The game store is a huge part of success at this game. The aliens that make up the enemy have special attributes as the game advances, and to match them, it is necessary to upgrade gear. This is wear collected tokens become extremely important. The game sports leaderboards and Facebook compatibility, and the ability to give presents to friends is definitely a cool feature.

My biggest complaint has to do with the visuals. There were times I thought the screen got a bit too, well, busy. The controls and such did take up some real estate, too.

Still, for a sequel, it is a pleasant revisiting, and plenty of fun.

Doodle Fit Review

Doodle Fit Review

Jun 29, 2011

You know when you’re at school, and you’re learning about numbers and shapes and angles, and you’re sat there thinking, what good will this ever do me? Well, the good it will do you is that it’ll make you much better at games like Doodle Fit. And it might help if you want to be an architect, I suppose.

Doodle Fit is a pretty-looking game that tasks you with moving a selection of shapes around so they fit into another shape. That’s about it really, Doodle Fit is one of those high concept games that tells you exactly what it’s about in its title. Here are some doodled shapes, fit them into this space.

There are a plethora of other “fitting” games on the Android Market, but Doodle Fit at least tries to do something a bit different with the way it looks, all scratchy lines and hand-drawn blocks. It works as well, giving Doodle Fit a niche appearance of its very own. The controls too work better than most – the block you’re moving hovers a centimeter above where your finger presses on the screen, meaning your view is never obscured.

These little touches compliment the complexity of the game. Whilst it starts off simply enough, the difficulty level ramps up and quite soon you’ll find yourself scratching your head, holding your phone at different angles and swearing profusely at little L-shaped blocks.

Sometimes the scratchy visuals can annoy the eyes, especially after long periods of play, and the earlier levels especially are a little bit on the easy side, but Doodle Fit still manages to be a charming puzzle game, eschewing the current swathe of games that are testing reactions as well as brain powers.

Doodle Fit is a solid game, a perfect antidote to some of the more action-y games on the Market. It’s strange how much enjoyment can be found in the relatively simple act of placing shapes in the correct position. For your sake though, I really hope you paid attention at school, because things can get tough in the busy world of shape fitting, and I’d hate for you to get left behind.