Qvoid Review

Qvoid Review

Oct 9, 2013

Qvoid is a fun puzzler that packs in plenty of fun into a simple concept. Great looking 3D graphics, fluid animations and nice coloration are its unashamed hallmarks.

The premise is simple on paper. The aim is to use a movement cube to change the colors of all the other cubes to one single color in the least amount of movers. To explain further, the play area generally consists of a set of cubes that are adjacent to one another, making a raised platform of sorts. Most of these are all black; the face of one (more on further levels) box has another, brighter color on it. Whenever the top box is rolled by swiping, whatever color one of its faces touches is adopted and taken, leaving the color of the surface block black (which is what we want). The goal then is to swipe in such a way to get rid of the spare color by matching it to another surfaceq1 face. And as noted, the key to getting a three star score is to solve the puzzle in no more moves than is suggested by the game.

The game plays much easier than its description implies, and it is fairly intuitive. As the levels are completed and gameplay progresses, it gets trickier, with more spots, tougher positioning and unique tools and workarounds. Teleporters, rotators, bridges and multiple colors all join in to make the game quite challenging. The extras can help or hinder; the rotating squares, for instance, can mess up a move or be a strategic device. So even in a relatively simple game, the developer finds a way to use strategy to potentially keep players engaged.

Still, biggest issue might be eventual monotony. I would have liked some color variations, and maybe even the ability to play user-developed levels. That is admittedly a lofty desire, but hey, fantasy is what I do.

It should be fun to see what else Gavina Games can bring to Android.