Gentlemen… Ricochet! Review

Gentlemen… Ricochet! Review

May 5, 2014

Gentlemen… Ricochet! is a slingshot arcade game, resembling Angry Birds only its base. How are the other mechanics working out?

It uses the familiar kind of slingshot mechanic that been much-imitated. Players must launch a token and collect several placed stars among a level, by aiming the same way you would do in that game with those angry little birds. You choose and angle and hope for the best. But thankfully, Gentlemen… Ricochet! is doing things differently as well; because if there’s one dried up genre, it is the one with Angry Birds in it.


The stars you have to collect are moving slightly up and down or from left to right. It makes the game a bit harder than it would be if the stars were aligned, but it also makes it more fun and challenging. Players also get to choose the position they can shoot the token from, because there is a magnetized platform from where it must be shot from. There are also other magnetized platforms in the level, where players must catch the coin by tapping the screen. It takes a bit to get used to this gameplay mechanic, but it sure adds a lot control and enjoyable gameplay. It feels really fresh.

The only downside to Gentlemen… Ricochet! is that the gameplay isn’t that deep, regardless of the amount of control you have over the token. Long play session are therefore out of the question, but it is possible to have small burst of fun with this game. It is clearly noticeable that, even though it’s technically not the same genre were Angry Birds type of games belong, the mechanic is really stretched out. But it provides just the amount of other elements to feel fresh.

Gentlemen… Ricochet! looks really great and the jazzy soundtracks really fits the presentation of the game. Players who can’t get enough of slingshot games will find lots of new mechanics here. But if you think Angry Birds lack a lot of sense of control, then you can skip this one – eventually, even in Gentlemen… Ricochet!, it all comes down to wait and see what happens.