Farming Simulator 14 Review

Farming Simulator 14 Review

Nov 28, 2013

While games such as Harvest Moon and Pocket Harvest capture the essence of farming and mix it with other gameplay wrinkles, Farming Simulator 14 goes for a very realistic approach. Does it pull it off?

Farming Simulator 14 does a good job of modelling all aspects of farming. The cycle begins with the cultivator. This tills the fields. Next is the sower, the fertilizer spreader and finally the harvester. The only animals on the farm in game are cows. Feeding them requires a whole array of other tools to create hay for them.

Once the bounty is harvested a tractor is used to drive it to a location to sell it. A few different locations are available, such as an inn and a grain mill.

Screenshot_2013-11-26-20-11-27Farming Simulator 14 is a management game at heart, but unlike most management games the player does everything themselves. To harvest a field or see a new one, the player must drive up and down it with the right vehicle. Farm assistants can be hired for players who don’t want to do the work. A farm assistant will automatically work a field, although delivering the harvest is always done by the player.

Farming Simulator 14 lacks any overreaching goal. The point to farming in the game is to make money to buy better tools so farming is more efficient. The gameplay never changes and is very repetitive. Achievements salvage a little bit of replay value since they give something to work towards.

Farming Simulator 14’s graphics look like something from the 90’s. The game’s deserted environments look about as generic as possible. Animation is non-existent. When wheat is harvested it simply disappears as the harvester touches it, for example. Selling produce is equally dull; it just instantly disappears from the trailer without a trace when it is parked in the right spot.

Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-03-12The sound is sparse. About the only thing you hear is the engines of your farm machinery and some generic elevator music. While the engines sound good and each farming tool makes authentic sounds as well, the game lacks any atmospheric sounds. There is no birdsong, sounds of a bustling market or any farmy type sounds you’d expect to hear There are also no animal sounds.

Farming Simulator 14 is rather buggy. Farming assistants get stuck against objects all the time and try to harvest empty parts of fields. Often the pad you use to sell produce just won’t respond at all for no reason.

There are a bunch of farming tools that can ONLY be unlocked with real money. After you pay to unlock a virtual tractor, you also need to pay the price shown in in game money. The microtransaction only unlocks the item.

Farming Simulator 14 is difficult to recommend. While it simulates the method of farming well, which is unheard of on Android and is quite detailed, the gameplay is unexciting and bug ridden and the lack of a concrete goal or story make it hard to want to keep playing.

Farming Simulator 14 Is Announced, Due November 18th

Farming Simulator 14 Is Announced, Due November 18th

Nov 6, 2013


For all the would-be farmers out there, the ultra-popular agricultural simulator is going to hit Android soon. The Farming Simulator has a hefty amount of experience, so it should be a great, unusual mobile game. The crops are due on November 18th, and the game already has some screenshots. More can be found here: Farming Simulator Official Website.