Holiday Gift Guide: The Music Lover

Holiday Gift Guide: The Music Lover

Dec 2, 2014

Perhaps the most frustrating person to find gifts for is the music lover. Ideas like headphones and speakers are obvious, but it can be difficult to sift through the numerous options to find the perfect gift. If the Android users on your holiday gift list can’t stop the music, these gift ideas will turn them into DJs in no time.

Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones

There’s nothing more annoying than wires. The Photive BTH3 Bluetooth headphones ditch the wire and connects to your device via Bluetooth. Buttons at each earcup means users will be able adjust volume and change tracks without taking out their Android device, and the 12-hour battery life means the headphones will last through hundreds of jams.

Although the Photive BTH3 headphones aren’t quite up to par with top-of-the-line headsets from Bose and Audio Technica, the sound quality is quite satisfying and the price is surprisingly affordable. The headphones, which also include a built-in mic for phone calls and a travel case for storage, is regularly priced at $120, but can easily be found for as low as $49.99 on Amazon.

Sonos Play Speakers

Sonos offers a series of wireless speakers perfect for any music lover’s home. No matter how much room you have in your home, there is a Sonos Play speaker that will find a great spot. The Sonos Play series offers a set of speakers, including the Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 and Playbar. Prices on the speakers range from $199 for the Play:1 to $699 for the Playbar, which is also a great complement to a TV.

The speakers offer top-notch sound that fills up the whole home, and design is sleek enough to leave the speakers on display on shelves or tables. An app allows users to control what plays through the speakers from any room in the house right on their tablet or smartphone. The Sonos speakers are available at Best Buy and Target locations.

Turtle Shell 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

In-home speakers are great, but the true music lover wants to listen to tunes on the go. Unfortunately, finding a quality speaker rugged enough to survive the outdoors is no simple task. Most portable speakers are not built to withstand the elements and are quickly ruined by water or sand. Enter the Turtle Shell.

The Turtle Shell 2.0 Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere from the backyard patio to the beach. The shockproof speaker is designed for use in all conditions. The Turtle Shell delivers quality sound in all directions, even after several trips to the beach or desert. It is available in multiple colors for $129.99 through the Outdoor Technology website.

Google Play Music Subscription

What’s a fancy new speaker worth if you don’t have any music to play? A Google Play Music All Access subscription is the gift that keeps on giving for the Android music buff. At $9.99 per month, Google Play Music All Access gives Android users access to a library that is virtually unlimited. Users can search through a huge collection of music that includes almost every song imaginable and stream tracks through any Android device or online.

Purchasing this gift for the Android user on you list may prove difficult without access to the person’s Android device. Alternatively, you can purchase a Google Play gift card that can be used to purchase several months worth of the subscription.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Android Gamer

Holiday Gift Guide: The Android Gamer

Nov 27, 2014

Trying to find a gift for the Android gamer is no easy task. There is a myriad of options when it comes to accessories, and many of them can be considered useless. Our holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for an Android gamer, whether you are looking for a more expensive gift or a stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank.

Nexus Player

Android gamers typically love the portability of mobile devices, but even the large screen of a tablet doesn’t compare to playing games on a TV. Of course, gamers can turn to full gaming consoles, but buying a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One requires a significant financial investment, especially when factoring in the cost of games. Google is attempting to fill the void this holiday season with the Nexus Player.

The sleek device plugs into a TV via HDMI and allows users to access Google Play apps on their TV. This is great for streaming video, but it also represents an affordable gaming option at only $99. Not all Google Play apps and games are currently available through the Player, but there is already a solid selection of games, and the collection will only continue to grow. Add the Bluetooth gamepad for $39.99. It will also work with any other devices. The Nexus Player and gamepad are currently available through the Google Play store.

MOGA Mobile Gaming System

The MOGA mobile gaming system has long been a favorite among Android gamers, and it is the perfect gift for users who love playing games on their smartphone. Holding the phone and using touchscreen controls is not comfortable, especially during longer play sessions. The MOGA controller solves this problem. The portable Bluetooth controller is equipped with a pop-out center that acts as a stand for smartphones. Devices up to 3.2 inches wide can snap into the port, making it a great option for on-the-go gaming.

Tablet users will also be able to use the controller without the stand via Bluetooth. While the controller has a list price of $29.99, it can often be purchased for much cheaper on Amazon. If the Android gamer on your list has been extra nice this year, spend a few more bucks for the MOGA Hero Power.

Antec LifeBar 10 Portable Charger

The Android gamer’s worst nightmare: not being able to play games because the device is dead or dying. The Antec LifeBar 10 portable charger is a solution that fits inside your pocket. The sleek handheld charger is equipped with two USB ports and one micro-USB slot, and is capable of charging any mobile device.

Android gamers on the go will appreciate the charger’s ability to hold a charge over several days, making it hassle-free power. It also has a built-in flashlight, allowing users to find their device even in the darkest times. Check out our review of the Antec LifeBar 10 here.

Nyko DualShock 4 Smart Clip

The Nyko DualShock 4 smart clip is the perfect stocking stuffer for hardcore gamers. If the gamer on your list already owns a PlayStation 4, this is a great complement. It clips onto the DualShock 4 controller and has a stand that will hold most smartphones.

While the smart clip is designed for use with the PlayStation app or PS4 Remote Play, more active Android users will find a way to make the controller work with Android games. The smart clip is available on the Nyko website for only $9.99.

Retro Football Review

Retro Football Review

Dec 21, 2011

The holidays are officially upon us. While most of the big gifts have been taken care of, small stocking stuffers might still be needed. Most people don’t think of buying paid apps for their loved ones as good gifts but I offer an argument on the contrary. Because smartphones are becoming more widely adopted by all generations, some older users may need a kick start to really begin using their phones for more than just making phone calls. For the most part a simple game might suffice, and if your recipient was a male in the 70’s then there are good odds that they will remember the old school handheld football games. While they’re as much of an accurate representation of the sport as those noisy vibrating boards, these games bear a silo full of nostalgia and will make any Baby Boomer look into figuring out how to open their app drawer.

This app brings a faithful recreation of the beloved handheld experience with smooth graphics and a simple, customizable layout. Unfamiliar to me is the pass feature, which I had never seen before in my experiences with the original game. Fortunately this option doesn’t change the core, “run only” experience because the gameplay is no different if you choose to ignore it. Even so, some fans of the “run only” style may find it to be a useful addition to the experience, but it would be nice to have the option to disable it. This is especially strange since difficulty, button layout, and quarter length are all customizable. On the other hand, something that’s really impressive is the detailed stat sheet thats accessible at any point during a game. This sheet is really nice to go through after a game, especially if you’re playing against a friend.

In terms of performance and display, Retro Football is sold on both fronts. The app never lags and the display, while seemingly lacking anti-aliased text, is very solid and colorful. If you’re looking for a great trip down memory lane for you or someone else I would totally recommend Retro Football. If you were a fan of the handheld football games of past, you will be a fan of this reincarnation.