Theme Thursday – PinkyBubbles

Theme Thursday – PinkyBubbles

Jun 16, 2011

Once again, it’s Theme Thursday, where I dig through the Android Market to find the latest ways to prettify your Android handset or tablet. For this week’s theme, I decided to do something a little more bold and daring than the social norm; I went pink.

Did you know that pink used to be considered a boys’ color? According to Wikipedia, in the early 20th Century, pink was considered appropriate for boys because, being related to the color red, it was a more masculine and authoritative color, whereas blue was more delicate and dainty. Then, for some unknown reason, attitudes shifted in the 1940s. Since then, blue has been for boys and pink for girls. So, depending on whether you want to prove how strong and authoritative you are, or dainty and delicate, it looks like pink might just be your color.

Coming from ADDesigns, PinkyBubbles is a theme for ADW Launcher, a highly customizable home screen replacement that allows you to radically alter the way your phone’s graphical user interface looks and behaves. Everything from icons, docks, wallpapers and layout can be easily changed. Once you’ve got ADW Launcher up and running on your phone, all you need do is install the theme and select it within ADW’s settings.

PinkyBubbles features more than 250 custom app icons plus 165 extra icons in an icon pack for use with ADW’s custom shortcuts.

This theme also comes with 4 matching wallpapers featuring pink swirls, floral starbursts and other interesting collaborations between pink, silver, gray and black.

Wherever your tastes may fall on the color pink, you have to admit, it’s a striking look. So, whether you believe real men really do wear pink, or you think you’re honestly fooling anyone by telling them it’s actually magenta, this theme is not for the shy types. Be bold!

PinkyBubbles costs US$1.49 in the Android Market.

Freaky Friday – Pocket Girlfriend

Freaky Friday – Pocket Girlfriend

May 20, 2011

For this week’s Freaky Friday column, we’ve plumbed the very deepest depths of the Android Market and found an app that does almost exactly what you’d expect an app called Pocket Girlfriend to do – it puts a girlfriend in your pocket. Except it doesn’t, because real girls don’t fit in pockets. Trust me, in the interests of fact checking, I tried.

Pocket Girlfriend instead turns your smartphone into a dull peep show, that shows the same girl writhing around “erotically” on a loop. You can change the costume she wears, depending on what sort of “date” you’re “taking” her on. One of the costumes has nipple tassles. Exciting.

Of course, because this is Pocket Girlfriend and not Pocket Pervert, you can also talk to your digital better half. She’ll reply with any one of a number of toe curlingly misogynistic lines about sport or beer or sex or how wonderful a boyfriend you are. Maybe Pocket Ego Massager would be a better name.

In a bizarre twist of inter-dimensional wizardry, the app also gives you a link to the twitter feed of the model who “plays” your “girlfriend”. It’s at that point that things start to get ever so slightly stalker-y. Bored of watching a woman you’ll never meet wiggle around provocatively, then why not go find out what she had for breakfast this morning…

If you’re the sort of person who thinks that interpersonal relationships are a massive chore, or who finds themselves incapable of talking to anyone due to crippling shyness, then you still shouldn’t download Pocket Girlfriend. In fact, if you’re anyone, you probably shouldn’t download it.

Even if it wasn’t for the creepy overtones, Pocket Girlfriend would deserve its place in our breakdown of the bizarre; the word girlfriend has never been so utterly misused. If the developers had been honest and called it Pocket Gyrating Model That You’ll Look At Once, Be A Bit Disappointed With And Then Uninstall, then it wouldn’t be quite so upsetting. Maybe that name was just too long, who knows?

Pocket Girlfriend is available now on the Android Market.