Glint Review

Glint Review

Apr 7, 2014

Glint gets straight to the point.

The game has the looks to tie people in, with sharp, dark backgrounds that do an excellent job of highlighting the spheres that make up the biggest part of the gameplay.

The gameplay, at first blush, feels a bit like Tetris, with colored spheres (dots in specific game parlance) falling from the top into the portrait play area that tapers into a funnel at the end. The general concept of the play is to swipe through dots of the same color, and to keep going to beat threshold mark of some kind. Swiped through dots disintegrate, allowing for more dropping dots to occupy the space just vacated; the general rules of physics are adhered to, so there is a general sense of what a set of actions will cause.

The first few levels help players get acquainted with how it works, and gives some relatively easy goals to glint1achieve, like a set number of dots to clear before time runs out, or the dots rise to the top and fill up all the space. As noted, swiping like colors as quickly as possible racks up the points; when one gets good and going, it becomes a frantic, continual swiping party. The connecting gestures do have to connect, or there is the risk of precious seconds being wasted while the sequence is repeated. As the game progresses, things get harder, and the goals significantly tougher; success opens up following levels.

A valuable part of the gameplay is the “ring” award, which, beyond the 10 the game gives by default, is earned by scoring 100 points in a level. They are hard to earn, but are available to purchase with real cash. There are also special dots, dangerous ones and boosts, which can shorten gameplay if not avoided, or can extend gameplay if funneled to the bottom of the pile quickly enough.

All in all, the game is fun, easy on the eyes and quite engaging. The freemium nature makes it easy to try, and the gameplay should do the rest. While I think the game engine can be tweaked a bit, it’s an interesting puzzler worth a look or two.