Glowgrid Review

Glowgrid Review

Jul 18, 2014

Some puzzle games can be really relaxing, while other games of the same genre can be brutal as heck. The ambient puzzle game Glowgrid is a little bit of both, thanks to his two game modes.


If one would see the title ‘glowgrid’ and fires the game up, he would instantly see that the title of the game matches with the aesthetics of it. Like anyone could predict, in Glowgrid players get to fill up a glowing grid with some well know and lesser known shaped blocks, where they need to combine four or more blocks of the same color. The goal is to fill up the bar at the top of the screen, with a total worth of one hundred points. If players get to that point, the bar immediately empties itself. The next goal is to fill it up once again, only now while players need to figure out a way in their own mess, because the grid still contains like ninety pro cent of the blocks one previously placed there.

So basically, this game tells the gamer: once you made your bed, you must lay in it. Players better make sure to make as less mess as humanly possible, because when there are to much blocks, it is game over. This idea, like the shape of some of the blocks, looks similar to games like Tetris, but due to its grid and other types of blocks, it does feel like it is a new type of game. Combining the blocks seems easy at first, but when players pilled up some blocks here and there to make a combo of a certain type of color, they could make it potentially harder on them self when it comes to another color that needs to be taken care of. So for the player, it is a constant struggle where to place the blocks, keeping in mind that, in the near future, they may need to work around them.

But is fun and it stays fun for a while. In the casual mode, players get to take the time they need to decide where to place the blocks making it, combined with the neon styled graphics, a relaxing puzzle experience on the go. But in the hardcore mode, there is a time limit that makes life awful while playing this game, because of the idea that there is not only yourself to make the game hard, there is also a nasty time limit to shake things up. But like I said just a moment before, it is always fun to play.