Gmail Improves Search on Non-Google Accounts

Gmail Improves Search on Non-Google Accounts

Oct 13, 2016

​Gmail for Android is looking to encourage Android users to use it with email accounts from other providers with its latest update.

It promises faster search results online or off, even with non-Google accounts.

Per the Play Store, it’s also easier to add accounts.

Lastly, the development team did some bug extermination.

Gmail remains free on Google Play.

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Inbox by Gmail adds three new experiences

Inbox by Gmail adds three new experiences

Apr 20, 2016

In one fell swoop, Inbox is getting more functional and more intertwined with other Google services courtesy of an update announced today.

Starting today, you’ll discover three new experiences in Inbox—streamlined events, glanceable newsletters and saved links—that help you better keep track of things that matter to you and feel more in control.

Keep up with Google Calendar events
Events can be hard to keep track of in your inbox because details—and people’s plans—may change. Inbox now gathers emails from a single event together and shows you what’s changed at a glance. When you tap on an event, you’ll see a comprehensive overview, all in one place.

Stay on top of your favorite email newsletters
Similarly, it’s now easier to preview the newsletters you read often and click through to the articles that interest you most. And once you’ve taken a look at the latest, newsletters will minimize to save space in the inbox.

Store links to remember with “Save to Inbox”
Lastly, your inbox is much more than just the emails sent to you. Chances are you’ve emailed yourself a link or two (or three)—to an article you want to read later or a recipe you want to try. Now instead of sending yourself a bunch of separate emails, try the new “Save to Inbox” feature to easily save links for later.
Simply share the link to Inbox on Android or iOS, or use the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on web. When you check your email, you’ll see your saved links grouped together in one place.

Inbox remains free on Google Play.

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“Gmailify” Hotmail and Yahoo Mail in the Android Gmail app

“Gmailify” Hotmail and Yahoo Mail in the Android Gmail app

Feb 27, 2016

In its quest to be a better email client, Gmail for Android recently started rolling out a new feature: the ability for folks that use other clients to use said clients and get some pertinent features available to Gmail users.

This new feature — the ability to “Gmailify” an external email account — is specifically geared towards Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, and opens up things like spam protection, Google Now and more.

Per the official Gmail post detailing the change:

We agree. So starting today, if you use Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/, you now have the option to Gmailify your inbox.

Gmailify links your existing account to Gmail so that you get all the bells and whistles—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail—without having to leave your current address behind.

All one needs to to get it going is to sign into the account in one’s Gmail, and then activate the Gmailify feature. And yes, if one doesn’t like it, one can unlink the email.

The update is rolling out now; Gmail remains free on the Play Store.

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Inbox Search Gets Faster

Inbox Search Gets Faster

Jan 26, 2016

Inbox by Gmail is working to get even better at providing results to users looking to find emails.

Per the Official Gmail Blog:

Starting today, Inbox includes a number of improvements to help you find answers even faster.

Answers at a glance
Now when you’re searching for a frequent flyer number or shipping status (for example), Inbox will show it at the top of search results–no more digging through individual emails to find what you’re looking for.

Get addresses, phone numbers, membership numbers, flights, events, bills, package tracking and more in seconds.

Streamlined search results
Underneath any quick answers, you’ll see a “Top results” section that orders emails by relevance. Below that is all the email results, ordered by date, but chances are you won’t have to look here often.

Inbox is available for free.


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Inbox Gets Trip Bundle Enhancements and More

Inbox Gets Trip Bundle Enhancements and More

Dec 15, 2015

Inbox is getting some cool enhancements just in time for the holidays.

Per the Official Gmail Blog:

You’ve told us how much you love that Trip Bundles summarize all of the important info about your trip. So, starting this week, you’ll be able to share those summaries with friends and family with one tap.

You can also add emails to a trip (a top feature request!) using the Move to… menu, and view trips offline—perfect for when you’re on a plane or using spotty WiFi.

While you’re traveling, you might end up taking a lot of photos. Improved mobile attachments give you quick access to your recent photos, and let you attach multiple photos at once.

We hear the new stuff will be rolling out over the next week; Inbox remains free on Google Play.

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Google Calendar Adds Reminders

Google Calendar Adds Reminders

Dec 7, 2015

Google Calendar is getting smarter by way of a new build that is available now.

According the Official Gmail Blog, folks will be able to incorporate to-dos into their mobile workflows in a new way, and the really cool aspect is that the method integrates across Gmail, the aforementioned Google Calendar and Google Keep.

Excerpts from the post:

Now there’s a single way to manage your day: starting this week, you can create Reminders in Google Calendar to keep track of your to-dos alongside your scheduled events.

Reminders stick around
You might already create calendar entries to remind you to call the doctor or pick up groceries on the way home. But while those entries come and go, Reminders stick with you over time so you can track them until they are actually done. If a Reminder isn’t completed, it will appear at the top of your Calendar the next day. And the next. When you do finally call the doctor or pick up those necessities, just swipe the Reminder away … and you’re onto the next to-do.

Reminders help with the details
Another way Reminders are more useful than events is that Calendar adds things like phone numbers and addresses automatically. So if you add a Reminder to make a call or run an errand, the number or address will be right there when you need it. Just like Inbox by Gmail, Calendar uses information from your contacts, as well as Google’s knowledge graph to provide this extra bit of help.

Google Calendar, Keep and Gmail are all free on Google Play.

A video explaining the new system are below:

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Gmail Gets Improved Usability via Update

Gmail Gets Improved Usability via Update

Nov 13, 2015

Gmail for Android is getting an update which allows users to dissociate themselves from those pesky bulk emails — right from the app menu.

Directly from the Google Play page:


• Unsubscribe from eligible bulk mailing lists directly from the message menu

Gmail remains free on the Play Store.

Gmail Android Update Brings Unsubscribe Functionality

Gmail Android Update Brings Unsubscribe Functionality

Oct 20, 2015

Gmail for Android continues to get better, and it’s latest update brings some bulk mail operations:

What’s New
• Unsubscribe from eligible bulk mailing lists directly from the message menu

Gmail remains free on Google Play.

Gmail for Android is Getting Two New Features Soon

Gmail for Android is Getting Two New Features Soon

Sep 22, 2015

The Android Gmail app is getting two new features that are slated to help users better control their email inboxes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your concert ticket appeared at the top of your inbox just before the event started, or your hotel confirmation came back right before you needed to check in?

Starting today, Snooze in Inbox is getting a bit more convenient—when you snooze an email that has dates and times (like event confirmations or shipping notifications), you’ll get a one-tap option to snooze to exactly the right time, like the day of your concert or the morning your package will arrive.

You’ll see these new Snooze options on most of these types of emails:

Package tracking updates
Restaurant and event reservations
Calendar invites
Flight confirmations
Hotel reservations
Rental car reservations

So next time, try snoozing that email to the day before the event. Then sit back and relax, knowing your email will come back at just the right time.

The features are due out soon.

[Source: Official Gmail Blog]

The Hills Are Greener: Why is Google Paying Such Attention to Their iOS Apps?

The Hills Are Greener: Why is Google Paying Such Attention to Their iOS Apps?

Dec 24, 2012

Google released an interesting new app recently called YouTube Capture. It’s designed to quickly shoot and upload video to YouTube – and to topple the tyranny of portrait-orientation videos by forcing landscape recording. It’s available now on Android as well as iOS, and…wait, it’s not on Android yet?

Well, this is awkward.

This actually isn’t the first time that Google has launched an app for iOS first, or skipped Android altogether – Google Catalogs actually made a stop on iPad before Android. Now, Google is a giant company, and they have their iOS team along with the Android teams, but it’s just strange as it seems like Google is spending an uncomfortable amount of time on iOS lately. Why, they pushed out a major update for Gmail that dramatically changed the look and feel of the app along with adding key new features that make it a lot better. They released a standalone version of Google Maps that brings new features on top of the standard feature set that came with the original app that was ditched in iOS 6.

So yeah, it seems like Google is paying a lot of attention to iOS, releasing apps for it as they please. But remember, Google, unlike Apple, serves many masters. Apple aims to sell and promote Apple products, which are primarily hardware. The software is there to sell the hardware Google wants to sell Google, and that is more of an idea – supplemented by advertising. Pretty much everything Google provides is designed to help push the advertising product. That means that if there’s an opportunity for them to make money by releasing iOS products, then they’re practically obligated to go for it.

As well, consider that this is pretty much the most attention paid to their iOS apps in a very long time. And they’re building the kind of quality, and in many cases a consistent look and feel, that wasn’t there before. Google is making sure that anyone who wants to use Google services is going to get the best possible value out of them, no matter where they use them. After all, when people use Google services, Google gets more advertising opportunities, and more data to farm. And if people use Google services, then maybe when that contract comes up, or the desire for a new tablet hits, then maybe they’ll consider going back to Android. Either way, Google wins. Simple as that. Doesn’t matter which platform they’re on, Google benefits.

But seriously, why isn’t YouTube Capture on Android yet?

Gmail Update Brings Improved Priority Inbox Support

Gmail Update Brings Improved Priority Inbox Support

Dec 14, 2010

Google promised faster updates for their apps released into the Android Market and they weren’t kidding. It’s been less than three months since the Gmail app for Android went to Market and we already have ourselves (Android 2.2+) another update. The latest Gmail version 2.3.2 brings with it better “Priority Inbox” support plus improved “Compose,” bringing it one step closer to the familiar desktop Gmail that we love. If you have “Priority Inbox” set up on your desktop you will now be able to view all your important messages in the new “Priority Inbox” view. View, archive, delete or mark important/unimportant all from within this view. You can even set up the option for your phone to notify, vibrate, or ring on just your new important mail, making it easier to identify important messages as they come in.

Gmail App Gets Updated – Froyo Only

Gmail App Gets Updated – Froyo Only

Sep 23, 2010

Update 9/21/10 12:13pm Pacific time: There is a known issue with important actions not sticking to the top of the screen on HTC phones running Anrdoid 2.2, like the EVO 4G and the Droid Incredible

Android’s Gmail app has finally cut the system’s cord, allowing for users to receive quicker updates and avoid those long-dreaded system updates. To celebrate its recent freedom, the new Gmail app (available now in the Android market) shows off its nice shiny features. Let’s take a look and see what’s new.

The first thing you should notice is the new header design which makes it much easier to reply to or star messages. The best part about the header is that no matter how much you scroll it remains accessible at all times by remaining at the top. The reply button action can also be set to default as “reply” or “reply all” within the settings menu.

Next up is my personal favorite improvement to the Gmail app. Finally, like on the desktop, you can “show” or “hide” quoted text, making it easy to view previous messages. Thank you Google!

You should also notice the increase of speed to certain features and if you have enabled Priority Inbox for the desktop you will now have an “Important” label and an option to add a shortcut on your home screen.

All in all some great new features and if I know Google there will be more to come. So if you’re a Froyo user and want to take advantage of these new features, head on over to the Android Market and download the updated Gmail app for free.

Source: Google