Freaky Friday – Can You Drive?

Freaky Friday – Can You Drive?

Jun 17, 2011

Some apps make it onto our countdown of the kooky because they’re scary, others make it because they’re performing a task that no one ever thought needed performing. This week’s makes it on because it could quite possibly endanger lives. That’s not something you read every day.

Can You Drive? is an app that calculates whether or not it’s safe for you to drive. You tell it the different drinks you’ve had, it does some working out and then decides whether or not you’re legally permitted to jump in the car and head on home.

Of course, it doesn’t take into consideration the driving conditions or anything silly like that, nor how long you’ve been driving for, how long the journey is, how familiar you are with your vehicle. It also doesn’t take into consideration the old adage, “don’t drink and drive”.

If the app simply told you not to drive if you’d had a drink, then it would be a perfectly legitimate piece of anti drink-driving propaganda. Instead, it tries to pretend that a simple calculation is a legitimate form of decision making.

We don’t need an app for this, we need common sense, a degree less selfishness than some people display and a change in the culture that sees drink-driving, in any form, as acceptable. How would you feel if all a pilot had to do before flying a plane was check in on their free app that that last brandy hadn’t pushed them over the edge? I expect you’d be slightly more hesitant when you stepped onto the plane.

My advice is, instead of downloading this app, write the word “no” on a piece of paper and then place that paper inside your wallet. When the time comes to decide whether you’re sober enough to drive home, check that piece of paper. Then order a taxi.

Luckily, on closer inspection, Can You Drive? is no longer available from the Android Market. It was once though, and the point still stands for anyone else who wants to try and make an app similar.