Free App Recap December 4th – SMS Replacement Apps

Free App Recap December 4th – SMS Replacement Apps

Dec 4, 2012

I’ll just come out and say it, the pre-installed text messaging application on Android devices is not great. Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of replacements to download in the Google Play Store. The SMS replacement applications in the list all add features. Something important to do whenever adding a replacement text messaging application is to shut off the notifications for the pre-installed text messaging application. If this isn’t done, there will be dual notifications for each incoming text message.


GO SMS Pro adds a ton of extra features. Some of the cool features are Scheduling SMS messages, a pop-up box notifying of incoming messages, filesharing, Security lock, blacklisting numbers and a lot more. Like with any other GO application, there are tons of different skins available. The different skins don’t necessarily change the operation, they just change the cosmetics. Other plug-ins are also available to add more faces and characters or add languages.

Download GO SMS Pro

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has some features common to the other two applications in the list like pop-up replies and themes.What I like about chomp SMS is the Quick Compose Shortcut. This feature makes it easy to quickly reply to a text message. A great feature is the Passcode Lock. Without a doubt, some text messages are intensely personal. Having a built-in option to lock the messaging app is great. Another reason to download chomp SMS is it has every iPhone emoji.

Download chomp SMS

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is super popular. The password protect feature here is super nice because it can hide individual messages with the Privacy Box. For the person who sends a lot of group messages, Handcent SMS ups the Android SMS limit from 100 to 1100 per hour. Aside from the usual customization, Handcent SMS allows mimicking of other manufacturers preinstalled SMS apps.

Download Handcent SMS