Fanium: Fantasy Football Done Right

Fanium: Fantasy Football Done Right

Sep 12, 2013

If football is an institution, then fantasy football is an institution within the institution. There is no better amalgam of armchair management, intuition, competition and plain old die-hard fandom. Old school fantasy football aficionados will fondly remember the draft meetings; basements and pubs took a whole new significance during the fall, winter and spring.

As technology began to catch up and enhance the playability of leagues, it only makes sense that enhancers like Faniumfanium1 should pop up and make the experience more enjoyable via mobility. It packs in a lot of the process (especially drafting, probably the most interesting yet cumbersome element) into a mobile app. In this, Fanium looks to be the fantasy league hub.

I had an opportunity to get some thoughts from Grant Gurtin, CEO of development house Goludo LLC. “I’ve been playing fantasy football for 15 years, and I noticed that there has been no innovation in the space in that time” he says. “No fantasy game has been able to create anything good mobile. I decided to create something better.”

The project was started in the basement of grant’s college library in his junior year.

From that ambitious concept, we get this. As a league manager, Fanium uses current rosters to mobilize and automate the draft process. Additionally, trades and rosters can be set up before blacklist periods, which is golden for busy fantasy adherents. One thing that does make the app useful is the added live scores and commentary. Notifications are push, and it is possible to flex skill in private leagues or randomly selected, 7-person public leagues. And what type of fantasy league program is it that won’t let you trade barbs and trash talk with other participants? Fanium has you covered.

It’s tough not to like this offering. The humble beginnings and current iteration speak to such great things. And isn’t that what football is about?

Yo go, Fanium. You GO!