Spunk and Moxie Review

Spunk and Moxie Review

Jul 23, 2013

Spunk and Moxie is a simple, simple game that makes us fall in love with goo. For now, I’ll describe this as a side-scroller; the uniqueness is probably in the roving direction.

At the center of this game is a bouncy blob that users kinetic energy to move. The thing is, referring to this as a sideways scroller is a bit of a misnomer. The controls are easy to manipulate, and mostly explain a lot of the game movements and challenges: tap to jump, longer tap to jump higher and long holds to climb till the walls run out. I liked that the controls are more or less a single finger affair, as it makes the game easier to play in my opinion.

Our friendly matter starts out from left to right; (“starts” is the operative word, but more on that later). The traveling area looks like an a warehouse, with plenty of boxy obstacles and artificially tight passageways. The blob had some cool bouncy properties that allow it to get over even tall hurdles; conversely, the jump-cum-bounce could spunk1make getting into the toughest openings particularly challenging. At times, trial and error is the best strategy; eventually, my timing got better and I was able to traverse the travel area in an easier fashion. As noted, the gaameplay does get harder the further one goes in the game.

Each level had a time limit and special, point-generating icons, as well as ones that invoke power upgrades. The whole system is not overly compex.

Good games should always have a good visual component, and I think that this game delivers. The artwork is bright and vivid, with cool animations and an effective background. I especially like the use of colors, and how they pop out on the screen during gameplay.

It’s an entertaining piece of software that takes a fun genre and soups it up even further.

Good for us.