Google Calendar adds connectivity with Google Fit

Google Calendar adds connectivity with Google Fit

Apr 27, 2017

Google Calendar is getting an update that allows it to tie-in more natively with Google Fit.


Connect to Google Fit so Calendar can mark fitness goals done automatically and schedule future times better. Check your progress with the new visual tracker.

Both apps are free on the Play Store.

Google Calendar Adds ‘Find a Time’ Feature

Google Calendar Adds ‘Find a Time’ Feature

Apr 27, 2016

Calendar for Android is adding a new feature which should be appreciated by users with tight schedules.

Starting today, if you use Google Apps for Work or Edu, you can schedule meetings from anywhere with “Find a time” in Google Calendar for Android.

With a single tap, “Find a time” helps you find meeting times that work for everyone—even if they’re in different time zones—based on their availability and the times they usually have meetings. If there are no times that work, Calendar will look at which conflicting meetings can most easily be rescheduled. Designed specifically for organizations where sharing your calendar with colleagues is the norm, here’s how it works:

“Find a time” makes suggestions, but you’re still in control. You can tap to see everyone’s schedule at a glance—perfect for making sure the timing works for all. And if you manage someone else’s calendar, you can use the feature to schedule meetings on their behalf as well.

Calendar for Android remains free on Google Play.

[via Official Gmail Blog]

New ‘Goals” feature comes to Google Calendar

New ‘Goals” feature comes to Google Calendar

Apr 13, 2016

Google Calendar is doing its bit to help users reach goals in their lives with its latest rollout.

Just add a personal goal like run 3 times a week and Calendar will help you find the time and stick to it.

Goals are easy to set up

To set a goal (like Work out more), simply answer a few questions (like How often? and Best time?), and you’re all set. From there Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best windows to pencil in time for that goal.

Goals adjust to your busy life

Goals aren’t easy especially when the unexpected comes up but Calendar can help you adjust in a number of important ways. For example, Calendar will automatically reschedule if you add another event that’s a direct conflict with a goal.

You can also defer a goal at any time, and Calendar will make time for it later.

Finally, Calendar actually gets better at scheduling the more you use it just defer, edit or complete your goals like normal, and Calendar will choose even better times in the future.

Calendars should help you make the most of your time not just be tools to track events. So as Google Calendar turns 10 today, we’re excited to invest in more updates like Goals, and to help you find time for everything that matters from your daily must-dos, to exercising more, to just a little “me time.”

The new feature is available in Google Calendar now. Check out the video:

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Google Calendar Adds Reminders

Google Calendar Adds Reminders

Dec 7, 2015

Google Calendar is getting smarter by way of a new build that is available now.

According the Official Gmail Blog, folks will be able to incorporate to-dos into their mobile workflows in a new way, and the really cool aspect is that the method integrates across Gmail, the aforementioned Google Calendar and Google Keep.

Excerpts from the post:

Now there’s a single way to manage your day: starting this week, you can create Reminders in Google Calendar to keep track of your to-dos alongside your scheduled events.

Reminders stick around
You might already create calendar entries to remind you to call the doctor or pick up groceries on the way home. But while those entries come and go, Reminders stick with you over time so you can track them until they are actually done. If a Reminder isn’t completed, it will appear at the top of your Calendar the next day. And the next. When you do finally call the doctor or pick up those necessities, just swipe the Reminder away … and you’re onto the next to-do.

Reminders help with the details
Another way Reminders are more useful than events is that Calendar adds things like phone numbers and addresses automatically. So if you add a Reminder to make a call or run an errand, the number or address will be right there when you need it. Just like Inbox by Gmail, Calendar uses information from your contacts, as well as Google’s knowledge graph to provide this extra bit of help.

Google Calendar, Keep and Gmail are all free on Google Play.

A video explaining the new system are below:

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Any.DO Cal Review

Any.DO Cal Review

Dec 13, 2013

Any.DO is the development house behind one of the most respected task utilities on Android, and its Android calendar app, Cal, is definitely one that needs to be looked at.

Forgive the slobber; this app is gorgeous.

It comes in with bright colors, pictures and live animations to complement the default white look of the calendar information. the app automatically pulled information from my selected calendars, and presents them in a slick day-in-week view that can be pulled down to expose a monthly date look. Swiping to the left gives the previous day, while the right predictably brings the next day up, and so and so forth; months can similarly be manipulated in the cal1month view. Events on the calendar are ever so gently color-coded.

At the top of the calendar, to the right, the plus (+) symbol can be used to enter new events. Tapping on it opens up a simple menu in which data can be inputted along with reminders, repeats, people coming, and location. Location populates automatically from Google Maps, and navigation can be automatically invoked from a completed entry. Everything ties nicely into Android’s system, and as such, the app works seamlessly with other relevant apps. The app syncs with Google Calendar in my testing, and is rated to work with Yahoo, Outlook and iCloud amongst others. It packs the requisite widget as well.

My biggest gripe is the, the limited view options. I tend to like a weekly view with all weekly entries showing. This helps me with planning. I couldn’t find something similar on Cal, nor could I find event markers in the abbreviated month view. The same gripe extends to the widget. I would also have liked more repeat options.

Did I say this app looks good? The built-in functionality with Any.Do task manager is definitely a plus, and even with the drawbacks, this looks like a decent offering in the mobile productivity space.

Google Calendar Gets Updated With A Redesigned Interface

Google Calendar Gets Updated With A Redesigned Interface

Jun 6, 2013

The Verge reports that Google has announced a new version of Google Calendar, featuring a redesigned interface full of new options. With the new interface, people can use a new time and date picker for appointments and also add custom colors to specific events. The update also added more recurring event options and a searchable timezone picker.


Google Launches Calendar App on Google Play; Makes It Available to All 4.x Android Devices

Google Launches Calendar App on Google Play; Makes It Available to All 4.x Android Devices

Oct 18, 2012

Google has done a curious move: they’ve released their Calendar app as a standalone app on Google Play, instead of a built-in app. There seem to be two immediately apparent reasons as to why this was done. One: Google wants to be able to easily update the Calendar app, similar to how Play Music and YouTube are available on Google Play. This gives them flexibility to add new functionality down the line.

But the second reason is more important: this allows for Google to get their calendar app on devices where the manufacturer has skinned or replaced the default software. For example, Samsung’s calendar app looks quite different from the default Google app; for people migrating from a Nexus device, this may be quite jarring. This allows for Google to push that standardized Android look, and possibly pressure the manufacturers into using Holo themes and fonts, instead of their own choices. It also gives users an option as to which calendar app they want to use. The app is available now from Google Play.