Goomy: to the Rainbow Land Review

Goomy: to the Rainbow Land Review

May 10, 2013

Goomy: to the Rainbow Land is an interestingly styled platform running game with a unique set of characters.

Goomy came personified as ball that took nine different forms. Legend has it that he wants to make it to the mythical, happiness-filled Rainbow Land. However, the journey is not without dangers but of course, how could we have expected anything less?

The playing area was an expansive end-to-end platform, with Goomy traveling from left to right. The traveling area was irregular in design, with land masses of different heights interspersed with deep, lethal canyons. The goomy1graphics were rich in color, with playful artwork highlighting the elements of the game. The animations were smooth, and did a good job of adding to the fun factor. A lot of time seemed to have been put into creating the six or so different playing environments.

My little monster was guided by two fairly responsive onscreen controls. The leftmost one controlled two types of jump, and the right one fired projectiles. The jump button popped me up in the air, and was useful for getting to higher platforms or to get over the gullies. That left button, when double-tapped, invoked a higher double jump that took Goomy even higher. This was great for collecting the goodies and power-ups that lined the top of the playing area.

Additionally, in the different scenes, different, big boss enemy monsters tried to dissuade me from getting to my destinations. Thus, the seemingly simplistic game actually became a fairly challenging shoot-em-up. I found that one of the biggest keys to success was timing; over jumping could lead to bad things. Misjudging double jumps could also have adverse consequences.

I found it was a nice diversion, with a nice value that was not easy to put down.

May platform side-scrollers never go out of style. Long live Goomy.