Jet Set Radio Review

Jet Set Radio Review

Jan 9, 2013

Remember when Sega was in the battle to be the biggest game console out there? Well on the Sega Dreamcast, Jet Set Radio was born. It mixed graffiti, rollerblading and music, all of big things at the time. All of them make for a really fun game. While the younger Sega deficient players of the modern day might not think it is as amazing as it really is, Jet Set Radio is a really good remake of a Sega classic for the Android platform.

The plot of the game is to protect the turf with graffiti so other gangs can’t claim the territory. The tagging (spraying graffiti) is marked out with a red arrow. The locations can be on cars, trucks walls and anywhere flat. In some levels, the rival gangs come in and spray they tags. Make sure to cover these up ASAP to keep the territory. The larger tags can take multiple cans to cover. While spraying, arrows appear on the screen. Using a finger on the screen, make the motion of the arrow. This will make the character spray their can. Usually there are several motions needed to create or cover a patch of graffiti.

To be able to tag the different spots, collect the spray cans. Depending on the level, different colors might be scattered around. Look for the yellow cans, all of the others are used by the other gang. If other cans are collected, it’s less for them to use. The skating controls are a combination of an on-screen D-pad and a few buttons. The movement is very reminiscent of the many games in that era; not quite as exact newer games. Use rail slides and different grabs to gain points and have fun while running from the police. After a

All through the game the music is very DJ and Hip-Hop (not rap) infused. The style music ties in great with the feel of the game. The Android versions has 29 of 30 tracks from the original Dreamcast release. It’s awesome they kept the music in Jet Set Radio as close to the original as possible.