Gravity Duck Review

Gravity Duck Review

Sep 23, 2014

Gravity Duck has a nice core mechanic that could really challenge players. But does it live up to that potential?

Gravity Duck is one of those games you either hate or love. The main mechanic in Gravity Duck is that the duck, the player, has the abillity to control gravity. That means, for instance, that the floor becomes the ceilling, et cetera. With just one push on the on-screen A button, players will switch up the gravity and the duck in the game will go to the opposite direction. Around this mechanic there are some challenges, but despite its potential, it never really gets to tough on you.


That is something that can be a problem for players who are in need for a big challenge and thought that they would find it in Gravity Duck. Because in a way, it reminded me of a game like Super Meat Boy, with all the gravity bending puzzles that will be tougher later on. And perhaps other players had the same idea with this game – but it’s nothing like that. That is okay, because it means Gravity Duck can do his own thing and can therefore only be judged on what it is and not on what it is based on.

No, the gravity mechanic isn’t new, but the way the developer used it in Gravity Duck, it isn’t groundbreaking either. It simply works. That is actually my whole impression of this game. It’s just fine: the core mechanic works, the control works and even the retro styled graphics fits the game. Yeah, they also work in favor of the game. The only thing that bothered me is that the developer never took any chances to stretch the potential of the game’s core. Now it stays at ‘just fine’.

With a mechanic like this, some retro styled platforming action, including some monsters and even gravity switches, I expected a tough game. But it was nothing like that. The game is plain and simple and never really takes advantage of his own core. But hey, maybe the developer never intended to do that. Maybe they wanted to make a game that has everything working for it – because everything is just fine. The only thing missing, is a challange. Hopefully we’ll see that in Gravity Duck 2.