Gameloft Releases 2 New Freemium Games on Their HD Games Store

Gameloft Releases 2 New Freemium Games on Their HD Games Store

Nov 1, 2011

Gameloft is getting into the free to play business on Android. Having recently launched Let’s Golf 3 as a freemium title on Android, they have announced two new titles that are free to download, and are now available from their own store.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ is a free version of Gameloft’s racing franchise. Players earn currency and XP as they complete in-game driving tests and races, with 111 different cars available across the game’s career mode. Credit packs and XP multipliers can be purchased to speed progress.

Green Farm Mobile Freemium HD+ is not only a whopper of a game title, but is also a social/farming game that is a mobile version of the Facebook game. Players build and develop a farm, earning coins and buying items to speed up production. Friends’ farms can be visited, with push notifications available as well.

Quite interestingly, Gameloft is being somewhat upfront about the games being more than just free games, as both games use the “Free+” or “Freemium” in the title. Is this just an attempt to be transparent? Is this a way to say to users that the games are “free, but…” in an attempt to prepare people mentally to pay while playing? It is at least a fair alert to users that payment may become required, though adding “Free+” to the lexicon of ways to describe games that are free to download but have in-app purchases isn’t really needed when the debate is already heavily clouded in confusing rhetoric.

These games are available from the Gameloft HD Games Store, as well as the Android Market. This means they can’t use Google’s Android Market in-app purchases or cloud to device messaging notifications, having to provide the services themselves. Both of these free to play games are available now by pointing the Android browser to