Thanksgiving Giveaway! G5’s Build-a-lot 4 is Free for a Limited Time

Thanksgiving Giveaway! G5’s Build-a-lot 4 is Free for a Limited Time

Nov 22, 2016

What would the holidays be without a G5 giveaway?

This time, the prolific cross-platform mobile game publisher has Build-a-lot 4 (also styled Build-a-lot 4: Power Source) for free on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

This one makes an adventure of harnessing green energy; say hello to wind farms and solar sourced power. Indeed, this take on city development and resource management means players have to grow judiciously, as getting too ambitious too quickly can be quite detrimental.

Players might have to rethink strategies to succeed, because the drive to be a thriving eco-friendly environment is all about using what one has as wisely as possible.

The game boasts multiple play modes, four campaigns, 60+ levels and upgrade opportunities.

As noted, the game is free now; don’t tarry too long, as the goodness ends on November 27th. Yes, this giveaway extends to iOS.

Check out the trailer:

KickStarter Spotlight: Hey, Shu!

KickStarter Spotlight: Hey, Shu!

Dec 11, 2013

Hey, Shu!

That’s the name of this weeks KickStarter Spotlight; it is a game full of colorful personality that provides relaxation by means of terraforming a barren planet. Seems like hard work, repopulating a planet devoid of any plant life, but all in a day’s work for a little green legume ball named Shu. A miniature arboretum, Shu rolls across the countryside planting a carpet of grass in her (his?) wake and picking up seeds from other mature plants. Shu’s job is to traverse this once vivacious land and reawaken it by re-energizing the atmosphere via a few different plants that each contribute a separate, and necessary kind of gas. The ratio is so far unknown, and the point is to manually figure out the correct proportions in order to have the most efficient ecosystem.

The world of Hey, Shu! is an ever changing one and every action has a slight, but definite, impact on the world around Shu. The game is a 2-D side scroller that follows the curvature of this unknown planet, and the colors and animations of the game are very vibrant and excellently done. Shu hops along its planet squealing with delight, days pass by in real time, and clouds shift in and out in accordance with atmospheric makeup.

As I’ve stated before here the gameplay is essentially about rebuilding the ecosystem on a barren planet one tree at a time. Shu automatically plants grass and every time it passes a tree it collects a seed that can be planted to grow more trees. Some of the gameplay mechanics have not been disclosed at this time, and even the fully dependent atmosphere feature is in testing. The game, as a whole, is said to be in alpha mode, but I am still impressed by some of the gameplay shown in the video on their KickStarter page. Hey, Shu! is a game that is meant to be played often but in short increments, and I definitely feel it will find a market with thousands of smartphone users looking for a relaxing romp restoring life and creating, rather than destroying, something beautiful.

Theme Thursday: C.Black

Theme Thursday: C.Black

Apr 19, 2012

There isn’t anyone out there who would claim that Android phones have exceptional battery life. This leads most users to look for little ways here and there to conserve small bits of power. A classic method of doing this is using a dark wallpaper because it takes more power for that giant 4.5″ screen to display a bright, white background then a simple black one. This is possible why Google gave Ice Cream Sandwich a simpler dark coat of paint. It is easy to see this trend on the Google Play Store as the number of themes that have dark wallpapers easily outnumbers their brighter counterparts. This Thursday we are going to look at a GO Launcher theme that minces no words when it comes to its purpose.

Our theme is named C.Black and fortunately it brings some subtle styling to go along with its utilitarian purpose. Harkening back to past days before color computer monitors, C.Black sticks with a classic green on black color scheme that adds a touch of hacker to any phone. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough custom application icons included to fully deliver on its promise. While the each app does get its own nifty green halo it might simply not be enough for most users. Other themes offer the option to make every app icon grayscale and it seems like a waste that there is no option in C.Black to convert all those unsupported icons into shades of green.

In terms of conserving battery life, C.Black will definitely do as advertised just do not expect something miraculous; converting to a darker background will only add, at most, an hour of battery life depending on how much the home screen is displayed. Even with its imperfections, those looking to give their phone a nice retro feel as well as a small bump in battery life should give C.Black a look.