Perplexicon Review

Perplexicon Review

Oct 31, 2013

Perplexicon is a fun word game from Greenrift Software.

The game combines a few different elements that make up the game, and the biggest is the word formation aspect. The game uses a square grid as the playing area, and there are letter tiles just like one would see in Scrabble. At the bottom is a bank of times to pick from, but unlike Scrabble, it isn’t possible to select any tile; only one time is available (the one that is up). As a tile is selected and used, the next one in line becomes available. The words seem fairly random in order and distribution.

On the grid itself, some letters are usually placed to start. Using these letters, in conjunction with the single-pulled tile from the bank, it is possible to make words. Positioning of the tiles is everything; touching and dragging perp1a path through adjacent tiles to create words at least three letters long for points. There is a timer, and a point threshold that must be made before the butter to unlock and advance to new levels. Once a word is formed thus, the tiles used disappear.

This is where the other elements become a factor. There are green tiles, and a standing requirement is that they have to be used up before the time limit is reached, regardless of the score. Sometimes, the placement of the greens can make it harder, as can the letter (a V or Q in a corner, perhaps). Then there are special tile spaces that give cash or multiple word values of used in the construction of a word. Stuff like time freezing squares also pop up. An interesting element is viral tiles, that can infect other letters and render them unusable. These can be countered by potions that can be unlocked down the line.

All together, it creates a pretty fun, engaging game that can be tough to put down.