Geo Cascade Review

Geo Cascade Review

Dec 18, 2012

Geo Cascade (via Groomiac)? Interesting.

I was curious about this game. The Google Play description was fairly vague, and even the game tutorial was a little barren for my taste. But I found the proof was in the playing. After a few goes, it began to make sense.

The game consisted of a grid filled with shapes, and each type of shape had its own color. In the default skin, I had blue pentagons, green squares, purple triangles and all-important red circles. To understand Geo Cascade, I needed to understand the red circles and their explosive power.

To explain: when tapped, the red circles disintegrated into four pieces that traveled until they struck another shape (or went outside the playing area). If one of the quadrants struck another red circle, then it too repeated the fission process. Thus, in theory, a grid of all red circles would eventually destroy itself with a domino effect.

However, it was a mixed grid. The key was that the other shapes could be “devolved” into circles. For example, if a flying red quadrant hit a triangle, then the triangle devolved into a circle. One more hit (or tap) caused it to blow up into four pieces. If a square was hit or tapped, it devolved into a triangle… and so on and so forth. My job was to find the ultimate cascade and clear the board with a minimum of touches. I always had at least one, since the game started with an initial tap.

The scoring system was simple but effective. Every level had a set number of touches prescribed, and I had two touches above that to complete it. If a level said I had four touches, and I did in four, i got gold; five got me silver and bronze was for six. To progress, I needed a bronze. Every level was repeatable.

Graphics were basic, but I didn’t expect more. I liked that there were different skins, but would have liked a more in-depth tutorial.

All in all, this was a very exciting and addictive game.