Free App Recap November 27 – Daily Deal Apps

Free App Recap November 27 – Daily Deal Apps

Nov 27, 2012

The holiday season is a huge money suck for most people. Anytime there’s an opportunity to get a deal on something, most people jump at it. Combined with the fact more people are shopping from the mobile devices, having access to good applications for finding deals while on the go is great. Below is a list of various daily deal applications for Android.


Groupon is one of the most common names in daily deal sites out there. When using the Groupon application for Android, it will automatically notified of the daily Groupon in the area selected as the home area. Alternatively, the application has the ability to search for coupons in other areas or categories. When a Groupon is purchased either from the Android device or on the website, the receipts can be pulled up on the mobile device to show to a retailer when redeeming the discount. In most cases, the retailer will not require the deal to be printed out and may just scan it right from the Android screen.

Download Groupon


Dealleak is not a daily deal site. Instead, Dealleak searches other daily deal sites for discounts on products and services. What is cool about this app is there’s a wider range of products and services available. When searching, Dealleak will look for local and national deals based on current location. To search other areas, simply input ZIP code for the area for surrounding areas to search. Filters are available to sorted by price, local or national, how soon the deal is expiring and more.

Download Dealleak

Gear Chase

When looking for daily deal applications for this list, I was pretty excited to come across this one. Gear Chase the daily deal site and application geared towards people who enjoy the outdoors. There are deals on everything from skateboards to mountain climbing harnesses and everything in between. To see what kind of deals were on there, I initially looked at sleeping bags. The first deal in the list that popped up was a bag normally for $475 price down 91%. To me, this is well worth checking around before making a purchase.

Download Gear Chase

Google Offers: Bringing Coupons into the 21st Century, Now on Android!

Google Offers: Bringing Coupons into the 21st Century, Now on Android!

Nov 7, 2011

What is to blame for the recent rise in coupon and offers services popping up? Maybe it’s the economy? Maybe it’s reality TV? Or perhaps it’s just everyone trying to copy Groupon’s success. Google, which once tried to purchase Groupon, has their own service for daily deals, entitled Google Offers. While it’s been primarily a web service to this point, Google now has an Android app available. While the service is still only available in a selection of major cities, the app allows users to use their offers without printing them out, buy new offers directly from their phone, and subscribe to their city’s offers. There’s also a QR code reader installed for easier redemption of some offers supplied by QR codes. While the service may be lacking compared to Groupon, just because of availability at this point, this could become a big deal very soon if only because of Google’s size. The Google Offers app is available now from the Android Market.

Source: The Android Site